Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:: Microsoft Lauching with Faxcore ::

Hi Guys/Gals, I'm back in the action with more interesting event to be shared. Again, I need to apologize to all my readers (if there is any) for hibernating at least 1~2 weeks without any updates. I'm having difficulties in finding time to write and blog about what's happening in my daily routine.

I found all the time packed with some activities, work, badminton, leisure, movies, Facebook'ing, eating-eating and lots more. Anyway, back to the blogging today, I joined Faxcore's colleagues for Microsoft Product Launching on Tuesday. The event took place at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Center).

We departed at 745am and as expected terrible jam and as expected we reached there at 9am, after stuck in the jam for more than 1 hour. WTF!! Luckily I'm not working in KL (or anywhere nearby to KL) else I will be screaming in the car everyday ended with me in Hospital Tanjung Rambutan with hand being tied at the front. LOL!

First time joining them for a "business outing", and frankly it's enjoying to be with them..Why? You will know as I go through the photos I've taken on that day. We started our day with Starbuck..Fuyohhh!! Starbuck early in the morning? Yes... =___="

We decide to skip the keynote because they were saying it was just an introduction which is wasting our time. We might as well go to fill our stomach with breakfast and continue with "gift" shopping time. Shopping while working? Yes, this is my 1st time...Hopefully my boss won'y be visiting my blog, else sure no bonus, no salary increment, no annual appraisal increment, etc etc etc.

Then we went for lunch at KLCC foodcourt as a team. Then went to the training after our lunch. The continue our day with San Francisco beer!! Beer at 5pm...And guess what we will be having our badminton session after at 6pm! Luckily I just had one, else I will be hitting the air instead of the shuttle cock! LOL!

Okla, I need to get back to work soon, and again, let's the picture do the talking. I know abit boring but let you guys see me in actual rather than me explaining. More interactive isn't! *Actually I'm lazy to think and write* Heheheheh!

Reaching the hall and registered ourselves.

Our goody bags (which ONLY full with papers , rubbish)

My team-mate (Tommy-right and Jeremy Tan-left)

"Experience the NEW efficiency" the motto for the day!

3 Charlies and 1 Angel. Hehehhe!
They have nickname in Faxcore..tanjung malik Taiko (left), Sin Chan(middle) and Penang Ah Beng (right)....HAHAHHAHA!

Grabbing my Java Chip at Starbucks..I ordered a chicken hotdog roll too! Burrrppp!! Kenyang for a breakfast!

How enjoy the guys were! Chatting about gals, games!'re in action dude! Say Cheese!!

Our gift...not sure about the guy at the back..You think you still 2 yrs old with 100cm as height meh??

Yes, that looks better with ur face closed! LOL!

With Jeremy and Ainne

While waiting for the guys to end the shopping, camwhore la.... :p

Full shot of me!

There goes the training/launching

Lepak'ing during break..they are cute isn't it....with the sitting style and pose!

Our turn.....What the heck with my leg and shoe! So weird.....PLEASE TAKE ANOTHER ONE!!

Ok, this one looks better! We are so photogenic Ainne! Tak tau malu!

Presentation again and again...

Again.. LOL@@

Continue with our beer session.....Heineken! Thank you Raymond! LOL!

Acting with the glass of beer..Hmmmmmmm...not mine not mine..and "I cannot drink one!!" "I'm not a good drinker, I am not" LOL!!

Wow! Ainne showing her power! Her beer drinking power! Be careful guys out there!

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  1. So busy lor u at new office!!!!!!!
    emails also very slow.. sigh sigh sigh

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhh new ok ar?

  3. yaloh.. 1 day baru 3-4 emails..

  4. "while waiting for the guys to finish shopping.."

    wow.. that's something new.. lol.. it should be you shopping ma right? and them waiting for you.. hahah..

    looks fun, enjoy yourself! =)

  5. Is that beer or chinese tea :p

  6. your camera very yeng..
    then you should add in to the gang also..
    penang lala mui..