Monday, November 16, 2009

:: Do-Mo-Po-Lo "LLY" Re-union Part I ::

It's time for gathering..It's not a normal gathering but a gathering for the "most geng chao" puak in the world. Presenting "Do-Mo-Po-Lo LLY" group, with it's member Dolly Lim, Molly, Polly Kung, and Lolly Tam...=.= I still don't understand why I was named as Lolly and not other "LLY".

Anyway, SewCin and Donna came down to KL to attend Hui Juin's sister's wedding (morning session) last week. And we took the oppurtunity to get along by eating all the day on Saturday. We started out journey with morning breakfast at Sri Muda. We ordered alot of foods such Chee Cheong Fun, Fried Lo Bak Ko, Wan Tan Mee, Toast Bread, 1/2 boiled egg! Fuhh! That was alot for breakfast. Due time limitation (Ineed to work on Saturday), so I left and zoooommmmm to work after spending 30 minutes with them.

Hui Juin and Meng Liang with their "head-to-head sticking" pose! LOL!

Tobby and Donna with their hmmmmm....peace pose I guess :)

Me and Molly...New pair...We are so cute right! LOL!

Our toast bread, 6 pcs for each of us!

Wan Tan Mee, to be shared with 6 persons!

Fried Lo Bak Ko with double egg!

The famous and delicious Chee Cheong Fun...RM0.60 per piece!
Molly showing the emptied boiled egg! The boiled egg with SHIT! hahahhaah!

I joined them for lunch and dessert after my work. We went to Pizza Hut at SS15 and Snowflakes dessert at SS15 too! Phewww!! It was so filling and my stomach almost picah for that. Due to stomach overloaded, we decided to order one bowl of dessert to be shared by 5 person! HAHAHAH!

I bet the boss might be cursing us at the back of the counter saying "Wan kat these guys, just order one bowl for 5 persons!!!! Puiiii...Puiiiii!". And I will reply with "WTF!! cannot ah! Gua punya suka la!!!" HAHAHHAHA!! Anyway, enjoyed the day and cant wait for the next makan-makan session!

Went to piza hut for photo shoot! HAHHAHA!

Visiting SnowFlakes for our early dessert time! Dessert time at 330pm!

5 spoons for 1 bowl of dessert! Geng chao or not!

The famous "XXXXXXX" dessert. I don't know the name.. =.=

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  1. Another happy gathering!

    I was not invited! Some more in SS15! Tsk tsk~

    haha~ Glad you all had a great time ;).

  2. aiyoooo everytime meet up eat non house very near ss15 leh...where exactly is snowflake?

    ps: dolly...hehehhe u now very smart hor...put ur face next to hui jien and molly only...good girl...learn veli fast AHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA

  3. So fun hor, sharing each other's saliva lolz
    Your gang seems a fun lot of people. ^_^

  4. =.="
    u so fast hand one..
    Tobby took my laptop..
    I cannot transfer all the pic out.

  5. wow..the dessert looks yummy..

  6. Tabik!Can eat the whole day ar...

  7. arrrrrrrrrr!!!! I miss my snow flakes moment larrrrr!!!! not forget..i miss you too!!! my dear msia yong si kei....why these days din see your footprints at my blog adi?? u hate me adi ar?? :(