Saturday, January 14, 2012

Byeeee 2011... Harlo 2012..

In blink of eyes (864782929283 blinking actually), year 2011 has ended and the year of 2012 has started.

Recalling back, I've experiences alot of things for year 2011, live like a roller coaster, going up and down.

~ Career ~
I still remember I was with Cadbury for early year 2011, feeling so excited joining the feh-mes chocolate company. And most important they gave me my expected salary, offering the job to me 1 hour after the interview! I was like sibeh happy, happy till like nobody business, telling and sharing it with all my family and friends.

And everyone congratulate me and follows with a question "Buy chocolate got discount ah?" *sweat*... but infact really got discount de, as the staff/employees are entitled to buy at staff price. So everyone so happy can't wait for me to buy chocolate at the cheapest price.

I thought this is the job where I will stay at least few years, or maybe retire here.. But God is fair, giving you such an offer but you will need to deal with a super devil bitch boss, who thought she know everything and anything. =_=

So after 7 months stands with her patterns, I resign and decided to back to basic in looking for another job. And I found this company at I-City, IT INSIGHT SDN BHD.

# My new colleagues

I was hired as consultant, and thanks to everyone I was given a chance to shine myself, and I was confirmed in 2 weeks, and was promoted to project assistant manager in 4 months. Now I believe God is fair. ^_^

~ Love ~
As u all know, maybe not everyone know... I had a bad past experiences in love at year 2010/2011. I was so down and somehow lost the way on how I should proceed to find my partner. I still remember I started to join friends or colleague for beer happy hours after work, trying hard to make myself happy by hang-over, crying over the nights and wet my pillow, depression and hating my life.

And at that moment, he appear and become my soul-mate. Who is he? Hehhehehe! You know I know la... Hahahahah!

# Us @ Korea at year 2011

Vincent who used to be my colleague,now has become my lover, my beloved lover who will always be there for me. He treat me like a princess, treat me like his precious gold. I know he will try his best not to hurt me, and giving his best to make me happy.

We've been together almost 2 years (coming August), and I hope more years to go.

#Show off with another face-stick-face photo. Hahahhaha!

At year 2011 also, Vincent and I also bought a house at Bandar Puteri, Klang. But yet to get the key, as now it's in the process of getting the loan settlement. I guess we will get the house key in 1-2 months. There goes our first dream house. *Sweet*

#Our dream house

~ Family ~
Nothing much but my family members growing bigger and bigger. My eldest sister just got pregnant and expecting their 3rd kid, while my 2nd elder sister just delivered her 2nd kid. Wow! Bigger isn't? =_=

And with the exponential growth of Tam's family, it make me think when it will be my turn to get baby so I can together gather contribute in making the number bigger and bigger. Hahahha!

I don't know, he don't know, no one knows except God. Hahahahha! I guess we will know when I write about "Bye 2012, Harlo 2013" ba.. So stay tune la ya...

Signing off,
Elaine Tam