Sunday, May 25, 2008

:.. Dessert for the night ..:

K.T.Z Food, our destination our Saturday night's dessert. It is located at SS2, nearby to SS2 foos stall. This restaurant/cafe is famous with its Sago Loh, which available in various flavour, such as Mango Loh (Mango-flavoured blended ice), Strawberry Loh, Kiwi Loh, Honeydew Loh, etc.

So we decided to fill out stomach for our midnight show for Indiana Jone, which will be started at 12:45pm. We waited for 10 minutes before manage to get a table/seats, and waited for 5 minutes to place an order, and 10 minutes for our foods/dessert. And finished the food in 15 minutes, and moves our butt as there are so many peoples queing for a place. So better move, before people complaining "Sudah habis makan, still dowan to leave...Grrrr~~~".

We ordered Mango Loh, Red Bean, Chee Cheong Fun, and "Siu Mai". It cost us RM14.00 for all, quite expensive for night supper. :p

The menu for famous SAGO LOH

Chee Cheong Fun & Mango Loh

Me, tasting "Mango Loh"

Saturday, May 24, 2008

:.. What a rule!! Grrr~~..:

"You cannot wear skirt higher than knee-length!" - said by a security when i was about to enter Spansion's entrance.

What the hell is that?? She said it was company's rule for not wearing that..

Hallooooo....Now is 21st century ok, and please open abit.....Do you aspect me to wear like those Arab woman? I just don't understand how can those "BUMIPUTERAs" can stand of Malaysia's weather in closed ..Moreover today is Saturday..It's my right to wear something that comfortable, to me at least. Grrr~~~~

I dont think my skirt is short at all, thats why i wear it to work. You judge it....Short?? Aiii~~ This is 1st time, i felt so hate about Spansion........

My "short" skirt...

Friday, May 23, 2008

.. My Healthy or fattening LUNCH..

Healthy? Fattening? Hmmmmm......And lots more different opinion to "them" -> "Dannone crackers". But anyhow, they helped me to fill my stomach for today's lunch. I brought them back from Giant Supermarket last Saturday, and started to "kill" them one by one on Thusday. Hahahah~~

It's funny to talk about crackers, as i got nothing to blog about for the last few days, and after received some "complaint" from some loyal readers that there is nothing to read in my blog, as i did not update it for few days.... (Yala, talking about you la, who else?!-Hahahaha! -_-")

So "they-Dannone Cracker" become our hero&heroin today.....In my blog's main page, main article, main topic..

Fattening Crackers

Healthy Crackers

Thursday, May 22, 2008

.. Latest TVB Drama ..

Forensic II

I started to download and watch Hong Kong TVB latest drama series, "The Forensic Investigation II". Starring by Bobby Au Yeung, Lam Man Lung, Charmaine Seh and more..
As self-explanatory by the drama title, this drama is about a group of polices, and forensics specialist try their best to solve a case,which normally which involve death of bodies. Hong Kong styled C.S.I (Crime Scene Investigator). I did watched its 1st season, and the storyline was not bad, as each and every case involved different type of murders, different ways of solving the cases. It is absolutely my type of drama o_o"

It is strongly recommended to those who have creative / investigator's mindset. You can download this bittorrent files from , you may need to download the player Qvod Player in order to download and the video files. Or for a faster way, contact me...I'll think of a way to send it to you... :p

Monday, May 19, 2008

.. RM23 Shoe?? ..

I went to Taman Megah for a dinner yesterday night, before went for midnight movie (The Speed Racer) . As expected, we dropped by the Pasar Malam, which was located in front of the eating stalls. While pass by the stalls at the pasar malam, one of the shoe caught my attention, andmake me stopped at the stall and get it back as my own. Heheheh~~ RM23 worth of shoe, a silver coloured flat heel shoe, for casual wear. Not bad huh...Don't judge it from the price, but the look and design. Who say pasar malam's stuff was not nice and with low quality??

The shoe

Sunday, May 18, 2008

:.. Peng Heong Hakka Restaurant..:

RM25.00, the cost for our Sunday lunch, at "Peng Heong Hakka Paikut Restaurant", which is located at Klang. It used to located somewhere nearby Klang's Indian Cinema, a normal hawker stalls with old woods as the roof, old chairs and tables for customers, non air-cond, with quite ho environments for dining.

But they had moved to a shop now, with nice decorated shop, nice and comfortable tables and chairs, and with more more staffs to serve the customers... But however, their price did increased alot after the movement to new shop. This is the first time eating in their new location, and the taste still the same, despite of the increased price.

The trademark of Peng Heong Hakka Restaurant

The famous "Paikut" Spare Ribs King

"Peng Heong" Meatballs, "Assam Fish", and the "Spare Ribs King"

Saturday, May 17, 2008

.. UNISA Parchment & Transcript ..

UNISA Parchment & Transcript posted to me at last. I collect it from my former college, S.I.T (Sepang International Technology) aka. HELP ICT College, this morning.

The size of the certificate was so big, bigger than normal certificate. I wonder where can i get a file that can fit that size of certificate? How can I bring it for my interviews in future? Hmmmmm... (wink* wink*).

But anyhow, i got it at last. A completion of my degree, a completion of my student life at the moment. I'm happy because i received the official chancellor's letter of commendation for year 2007 at the same time.

The parchment (Unisa-University of South Australia)

Unisa Academic Transcript

The Chancellor's Letter of commendation

Dean's words to me..

Friday, May 16, 2008

:.. Skip Lunch ..:

It's lunch time now, and surfing time too...I skipped my lunch because i took a quite heavy breakfast, "Nasi Lemak" with "Planta Bread". It's started when we (Hui Juin & I) has the first breakfast, i think 2 weeks ago. Since we had our heavy breakfast, either taking fried mee-hon, mee or nasi lemak, so we will still feel full even though it's lunch time.

Nothing much i can do, so it's time to surf around or updating my blog, like what i'm doing now. :p It's Friday after few thousands blinks of eye. And it's time to think where to go and what to eat for coming weekend. Some of you might eagerly in witing for this coming weekend, as Monday is a public holiday, so can have another day of rest day. But pity me, i might need to come to work on Public Holiday, a normal suprise after joined Spansion few months back. There in the process of testing the system integration phase, so need to standby for support.

So sorry, dear, can't accompany you this coming public holiday. But who knows you might feel happy because nobody nag or disturb you from doing your favourite activities.......SLEEPING!!!
So normally i will do something to prevent him from sleep, why??? Because our times seems to pass faster when he sleep. By right we will have 12 hours for Saturdayenough for our weekend leisure for movies, shopping, eating, "pak to",etc....But ended up it will remain 6-8 hours because he want to slep longer or he want to take afternoon/evening nap...Grrrrrrr~~~~~

I ate Kenko Diet for 1week++ already, and does not see major results, but what i can tell you guys, is my tummy seems to be smaller and softer. It used to be big (flatulent) and hard most probably due to constipation problem. Yala, imagine all the digested/non-digested +unwanted gas food filled your stomach.

Let's whats the result after i finished all fo the plums....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

:.. &(*@9*@#$%# Grrrrrrrrrrr...:

WTF!!! I'm so pissed off.....Why? because i wasted one hour of OT, that caused me to stay for another hour tonight. "Ceritanya begini..."

My company require us to apply or to submit the overtime(OT) that we did for a month. The OT will start to be counted from 6pm onwards. This means we will only be able to claim our OT start from 6pm, and not from 5pm. So we are forced to do 1 hour charity hour for company, as our working hour is from 8am - 5pm. And it was hourly based, which mean you will need to do a FULL one hour in order to claim the hour.

And there is minimum limit of hours that we need to do in amonth in order to claim the OT, min 11 hours (in a month). This means we will not get to claim our OT if we only manage to do 4 hours, or 7 hours or even 10 hours, as long as it is below the minimum limit of OT in a month.

You must be wondering "What's wrong with that...?What's wrong with the OT scheme?"

The problem occured when i manage to claim 11 hours OT for this month, BUT found out that there is one hour (as shown as below), shown that the clock out time left "4 minutes", yes!! "4 minutes" to reach 1 hour. This means i need to work another hour to replace that 56 minutes. Else, i will not even get my minimum OT claims, and will waste not only 56 minutes but 11 hours 56 minutes!

Now you understand why i'm so frustated. They can't even tolerate with that 4 minutes? Come on! It's just 4 minutes! So mean........And after some surveys, i found out that some of my colleagues even failed to claim the OT, for a differences of "1 minute = 60 seconds"!!!Ish ish ish ish ish~~~

So the morale of the story is to make sure u waited in front of the exit door before the time is enough for you to claim one hour!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

.. "Yes-No-Hm-Ah" Game..

I gather up my courage to give "them" a call...Who are "they"?
They are radio station, for a game named "Yes-No-Hm-Ah".
The DJs, JJ & Rudy will start to ask some questions that will make u say any of those words, either "Yes", "No", "Hmmm", or "Ahhh". Not only that, you cannot stall, cannot answer a question with a question, cannot talk slowly, cannot repeat the answer, and the answer must make sense. Alot of rules huh..... So you must not say any of the words for 1:30 minutes.

But i don't care, i want to win the RM1000, yes RM1K of cash vouchers for G-Shock. The price accumulated till RM1000 last Friday, 9th May 2008. It was very attractive, so i decided to give a try by calling the famous number "03-9453 3311", on Friday's morning itself. Suprisingly, the call got through for the 1st time i make the phone call (after reach the Spansion's entrance door)..

Friday Morning

Mr.X -> ", Morning...Who's there?"
Elaine -> "Elaine here. Morning. Is this"
Mr.X -> "Yes, first time playing this game?"
Elaine -> "Yes, my first time calling"
Mr.X -> "This will be a very exciting game, please hold the line, i'll put you to JJ & Rudy"
Elaine -> (Nervous.........)(Hearing the song on air-Fergie's Clumsy)

...After 2-3 minutes...

Mr.X -> "Elaine, i got a bad new for you. Someone just won it."
Elaine -> "Oh, are you sure? Are you putting prank on me?" (Dissapointed-seeing RM1000 flying away)
Mr.X -> "No, somebody just won it. Hmmmmm..Or you give me your number. I'll give you a call on Monday morning to play, ok?"
Elaine -> "Oh great! My number is 012-2XXXXXX".
Mr.X -> "Ok, Elaine, i'll give you a call on next Monday".
Elaine -> "Thank you, then hear from you soon. Bye".

But unfortunately,only RM100 will be offered as the prize, as the accumulated cash money has been taken away by "someone".
But nevermind, i still can try my luck on Monday morning. No harm trying right??

Monday Morning
7:00am in the morning (while driving to work, reach traffic light.....)

Mr. X-> "Hello, Elaine. I'm calling from"
Elaine -> "Hi, i'm waiting for your call"
Mr.X -> "So, first time playing this game?"
Elaine -> "Yes, my first time playing this game"
Mr.X -> "This will be a very exciting game, please hold the line, i'll put you to JJ & Rudy"
Elaine -> (Nervous.........Thinking)("Will there be any bad news for me again today?")

...After 2-3 minutes...

JJ & Rudy -> "Hi, Elaine. Your time starts now". "Hi, Elaine"
Elaine -> "Hi, JJ&Rudy, morning".
JJ&Rudy -> "So where are you?"
Elaine -> "I'm driving to work now"
JJ&Rudy -> "You are driving to your work now?"
Elaine -> "I'm so sure that i'm driving to my office now."
JJ&Rudy -> "What did you say?"
Elaine -> "I don't think i hear your question, but i'm assuming you are asking me to repeat the answer, and i can tell you again that i'm driving to my work now."

(Trick : Since they don't allow you to talk slowly, but u can talk longer to pass the time. Answer with few answers, when they ask you a question. They can't stop you from giving your answer,right.)

JJ&Rudy -> "So what did u last night?"
Elaine -> "I went for a breakfast with my mom, went for a lunch with my dad and a dinner with all my families". (Dunno what to say, just simply plug some words from the sky!)

JJ&Rudy -> "Are you an engineer?"
Elaine -> "I'm not an engineer"
JJ&Rudy -> "Oh, your not an engineer"
Elaine -> "Oh, i am an engineer and i'm working at Spansion"

"Tet~~Tet~~~"-Times up! Means i won that RM100. Easy huh?? Actually the conversation takes longer, as i forgotten some of the questions and answers. :p
Anyhow, lucky for me then to pick RM100 even though i missed the oppurtunity to win RM1000. ")(#*&(*@#^&(@#*%)(#".

Can't believe i won it so easily. I will try again next time! (abit greedy~~~)

Monday, May 12, 2008

.. M.O.M.E.N.T.S..

M- Mother's Day, an annual celebration for our family
O- Old folks and youngsters were invited to the party
M- Members attended this event with full of joy...
E- Eating venue was one of the headache..
N- No idea on where to eat, when to eat and what to eat...
T- The Chicken Hartz Buffet, our final decision upon discussion..
S- Sunway Pyramid, here we come!!

Here are some of the MOMENTS we manage to capture, more in my photo album...

The venue for the day, The Hartz Chicken Buffet

She's so happy

My beloved mother

Mothers for the day

Sisters for the day

My present for her

Sunday, May 11, 2008

.. Happy Mother's Day ..

Suprise will be revealed tonight..

Special Hand-Made (DIY) Card

Happy Mother's Day, to my beloved mother, Madam Ong Nyok Lan aka. Mrs. Tam. Nothing much i can do for you but preparing you a special hand made card by myself (as above). I've spent appx RM30++ to buy all the "ingredients" for the card. Not forgotten to be mentioned, this idea was brought by Ms Stephanie, Tam Sook Hsia. She suggested to prepare a surpise for mom for this year's Mother's Day by having her photos collection from year 1990-2008 (10 years). Unfortunately, not easy to get back the photos in each of every year as some of the photos do not have date printed, so we'd forgotten which year the photos was taken. So after a last minutes "dustbin" searching, we managed to find some of the photos, but not the backdated one. So I decided to proceed to use whatever photos we have. Oh yah, we will celebrate the event at The Chicken Hartz Buffet, Sunway Pyramid tonight.

I bought all the materials at Wan Utama, and started to work it out last night 4am (after the midnight movie and after helping Mr Leong's to complete his artwork for his roadshow). And completed the design at 7am this morning. I don't feel tired / sleepy at all, as i feel so excited to see the end-results of the card designed. The idea just popped in my mind, on how to arange the photos collection, on how to utilize the materials bought to create a 3D look for the card. I carefully cut all the alphabets and all the card-boards, etc. After 3 hours of mid-night oil burning, and "Taaa-Daaaaa!!!, here it goes the card at last".

It's look easy to prepare, but the process of cutting alphabets, and designing takes the most of the time. But of course, need time to walk around to get the idea on how to arrange all the materials. It might not look professional, but it shows all my care and love towards my beloved mother. I hope she will love it, and impressed with my piece of work.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world!

Friday, May 09, 2008

.. Spansion Achievement Reward..

Orange cap, a reward from Spansion for the achievementfor Q1. A very bright color cap given by our manager this evening. The 1st gift received from Spansion after 4 months joining Spansion. Why they choose orange color? Why not white color? Why not choosing black color? All employees wil get their cap from their manager. Imagine all of the employees wearing the cap at the same time, it will become so funny!

I don't think it is suitable to give cap, i rather get a T-shirt, a memo book, a jacket, or something else. At least we can wear the T-shirt for work, or use the memo book. But not this cap, when can we wear it?

The bright-colored cap

Long cap hood

Me, wearing them!Funny!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

.. 3 Days of Detoxification ..

A day before .....
1:00pm: Ate lunch (Rice + Vege + Fried Chicken)
9:30pm : Ate McDonald Spicy McDeluxe + French Fries + Large Coke
11:00pm: Ate 2 plums.

1st Day

6:00am : I feel stomach ache while dreaming my "white horse prince", and rush to toilet to poo for the 1st time, after stopped making the "business" for 4 days.

8:15am: Started to have the feel of visiting the toilet while on the way to work,and quickly make my way to the nearest toilet from my department, and started to release all my "expired" food.

10:30am: Again, rush to toilet to poo for the 3rd time, i guess too much of oil consumption i guess. :)

2:30pm:Ate 1 plum after lunch.

9:30pm:Ate another plum before sleep.

2nd Day

8:10am: Continue my poo'ing process......."Emmmmmmmmmm....Emmmmmm..."-Hahhaha! no sound actually, as it was so smooth...I do not need to use energy at all... :)

10:20am: 2nd time of business making for the day.

1:00pm: Lunch as normal (Rice + Vege + Chicken)
2:00pm : Ate one plum.

6:30pm: Dinner (Rice + Vege+Fish)
9:00pm:Ate another plum before sleep.

3rd Day
8:30am: It seems like fixed to go to toilet at this time. Regular toilet customer :p

9:20am: Continue the 2nd time...I wonder the cleaner feel weird to see me visiting "her" so often. Hahaha!

Lunc.....Dinner..................I think i will dispose all my foods early in the morning. It make feel light and ease for releasing it early in the morning....I guess till here i update my 3 days Detoxification Itinerary.. Will update on the weight and health status....Stay with me ya!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

.. Kenko Diet Plum ..

The packing of Kenko Diet Plum (30 plums)

The individual packing (a plum in each packet)
Kenko Diet Plum, a new brand for me.
I got to know about this plums from Ringo, describing on her progress after eating this plum. After do some research, and found out this Kenko Diet Plum quite famous and lots of them (bloggers) tried it, and strongly recommend to those who would like to diet without restricting food comsumption and for those with constipation problem.

I manage to get the contact after dropped a message to Ringo, and decided to try a box myself. So i contacted the supplier, and got my 1st box today. RM139.00 for 30 plums (in each individual packet). Roughly RM4.63 per plum, and it is recommended to eat 2-4 plums daily. I decided to eat 2 plums today after my dinner, and let's see whats the result tommorrow morning. I will keep update in the progress (the frequency of poo'ing) ...Hahahahaha!
So you guys will know the result, and contact me to get a box to try it yourself too... :)

Kenko Diet Plum is a natural organic product from Japan and it is a product that can be used for 3 different needs :-

1) loose weight 2) detoxification 3) bowel problems (constipation)

The ingredient of the Natural Organic Plum(Golden Plum) itself consists:-
Lactic Bacteria- Garcinia Cambotia- Alexandrian Senna- Angelica keiskei(Ashitaba)- Essence of Pu-er Tea

Details of Ingredients:
1.NATURAL ORGANIC PLUM(Golden Plum)Dried Plum packed with Vitamins, Mineral & High Fiber
FUNCTION-Improve Blood Circulation-Helps Diet Process by Disposing unwanted substances-Help Control Cholesterol Level
2.LACTIC BACTERIAAlso known as Lactobacillus (the friendly bacteria for the stomach)
FUNCTION-Strongly Increase Peristalsis Movement-Effectively Prevent Chronic Constipation
3.GARCINIA CAMBOTIAA Tropical fruit plant, from a magical fruit extrcation of natural ingredients-HCA-K also known as Hidroxy Citric Acid-Potassium
FUNCTION-Natural appetite suppressant-Inhibiting fat, reduce fat accumulation
4.ALEXANDRIAN SENNACassia seed form the Cassia Legume seeds mature
FUNCTION-Soften Stools-Decreasing blood pressure
5.ASHITABA( Longevity Herb )Known as Ming-Ri LeavesHigh B12 Complex Vitamins & Minerals
FUNCTION-Strengthen Immune System-Normalizing Blood Sugar Level-Beautiful Skin Complexion
6.Essence of Pu-er TeaTraditional Chinese tea
FUNCTION-Dissolve Fat-Aid in Digestion

Monday, May 05, 2008

.. Thank you Guys ..

How sweet are they (Kah Wai & Ken Yap), brought us some souveniers from their trip.
To Cameron Highland, and to Perhentian Island, respectively.
A small gift from them, but a big meaning to me..Don't judge from the size or the prize of the souvenier, but appreciate their intention or at least their willingless to bring something back for us.
Thank you again....Muaaaahhh~~

Sea Horse Key Chain-imported from Perhentian Island

The cactus imported from Cameron Highland

Sunday, May 04, 2008

.. Wan Tan Mee ..

Restoran Ho Weng Kee, located at SS2. A restaurant recommended by Chui Ling a host for, "One Day 5 meals" show. "Wan Tan Mee" was their main attraction or the main course. It's just the matter what side dishes you would like to have for the mee.
We'd got "Chicken" for our side dish, and a bowl of "Sui Kao"-5 pieces.
He likes the taste of the mee, but i did not feel any difference with normal wan tan mee. Oh ya, i noticed one difference, the PRICE! (abit stringy!).
It's not worth paying RM5.50/RM6.00/RM6.50 for a plate of wan tan mee. :p
Anyhow, its all in my stomach now. But you guys can have a try and let me know whether its good/ worthy or not! :)

The prices for varieties of flavours

"Sui Kao"-Wan Tan

The "chicken shrimp" wan tan mee

After we finished all the wan tan mees

:.. Quck!Quak!A cute memo from Japan ..:

Sook Mei and my brother in law just came back from Japan trip last week, and she brought me the imported memo from Japan. As you can see, its not a normal memo book, but a special designed memo book, where there are 2 layers of paper (the Duck and the water). From the outlook, it doesnt seem to be 2D layer memo book, but when u flip it through, you will know how cute it is.

Anyway, thank you for the sourvenier. Thank you alot...

The front of the memo

The 1st layer (The Duck)

The 2nd layer (The Water)

.. Happy Birthday Sook Mei ..

Sook Mei with my present for her

2nd May 2008, a day after the Labour Day holiday, it's also her XXth birthday..Who is she??
"Tam Sook Mei", since the surname is the same as me, SOooooo...she is my sister, older sister but not the eldest one..My 2nd sister.

She came back to Shah Alam, our parent's house at 3rd of may 2008, to pass me something and to collect something (from me!)..:)

I bought her the rug from IKEA, exactly the same as mine, but different colour. I got her the cream colour rug, instead of red colour. I choose cream colour because i know she likes white colour, as her house full with white colour furniture. -_-"

Happy Birthday, Sister..Wishing you a prosperous and happy years onwards.. Stay Happy!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

:.. Restaurant Chin Chinho Steamboat ..:

Restaurant Chin Chinho Seafood Steamboat,
Our destination for our Saturday's night dinner. It is located at Bukit Tinggi, Klang, nearby to AEON Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi and it is not a buffet style.
"Reasonable price, average taste of food, average environment."

Restaurant Chin Chinho

The mee and meehon + eggs

The soup
The pork balls

The foods for 2 persons

The price for the night