Tuesday, May 13, 2008

.. "Yes-No-Hm-Ah" Game..

I gather up my courage to give "them" a call...Who are "they"?
They are Hitz.fm radio station, for a game named "Yes-No-Hm-Ah".
The DJs, JJ & Rudy will start to ask some questions that will make u say any of those words, either "Yes", "No", "Hmmm", or "Ahhh". Not only that, you cannot stall, cannot answer a question with a question, cannot talk slowly, cannot repeat the answer, and the answer must make sense. Alot of rules huh..... So you must not say any of the words for 1:30 minutes.

But i don't care, i want to win the RM1000, yes RM1K of cash vouchers for G-Shock. The price accumulated till RM1000 last Friday, 9th May 2008. It was very attractive, so i decided to give a try by calling the famous number "03-9453 3311", on Friday's morning itself. Suprisingly, the call got through for the 1st time i make the phone call (after reach the Spansion's entrance door)..

Friday Morning

Mr.X -> "Hellooo..Hitz.fm, Morning...Who's there?"
Elaine -> "Elaine here. Morning. Is this Hitz.fm?"
Mr.X -> "Yes, first time playing this game?"
Elaine -> "Yes, my first time calling"
Mr.X -> "This will be a very exciting game, please hold the line, i'll put you to JJ & Rudy"
Elaine -> (Nervous.........)(Hearing the song on air-Fergie's Clumsy)

...After 2-3 minutes...

Mr.X -> "Elaine, i got a bad new for you. Someone just won it."
Elaine -> "Oh, are you sure? Are you putting prank on me?" (Dissapointed-seeing RM1000 flying away)
Mr.X -> "No, somebody just won it. Hmmmmm..Or you give me your number. I'll give you a call on Monday morning to play, ok?"
Elaine -> "Oh great! My number is 012-2XXXXXX".
Mr.X -> "Ok, Elaine, i'll give you a call on next Monday".
Elaine -> "Thank you, then hear from you soon. Bye".

But unfortunately,only RM100 will be offered as the prize, as the accumulated cash money has been taken away by "someone".
But nevermind, i still can try my luck on Monday morning. No harm trying right??

Monday Morning
7:00am in the morning (while driving to work, reach traffic light.....)

Mr. X-> "Hello, Elaine. I'm calling from Hitz.fm"
Elaine -> "Hi, i'm waiting for your call"
Mr.X -> "So, first time playing this game?"
Elaine -> "Yes, my first time playing this game"
Mr.X -> "This will be a very exciting game, please hold the line, i'll put you to JJ & Rudy"
Elaine -> (Nervous.........Thinking)("Will there be any bad news for me again today?")

...After 2-3 minutes...

JJ & Rudy -> "Hi, Elaine. Your time starts now". "Hi, Elaine"
Elaine -> "Hi, JJ&Rudy, morning".
JJ&Rudy -> "So where are you?"
Elaine -> "I'm driving to work now"
JJ&Rudy -> "You are driving to your work now?"
Elaine -> "I'm so sure that i'm driving to my office now."
JJ&Rudy -> "What did you say?"
Elaine -> "I don't think i hear your question, but i'm assuming you are asking me to repeat the answer, and i can tell you again that i'm driving to my work now."

(Trick : Since they don't allow you to talk slowly, but u can talk longer to pass the time. Answer with few answers, when they ask you a question. They can't stop you from giving your answer,right.)

JJ&Rudy -> "So what did u last night?"
Elaine -> "I went for a breakfast with my mom, went for a lunch with my dad and a dinner with all my families". (Dunno what to say, just simply plug some words from the sky!)

JJ&Rudy -> "Are you an engineer?"
Elaine -> "I'm not an engineer"
JJ&Rudy -> "Oh, your not an engineer"
Elaine -> "Oh, i am an engineer and i'm working at Spansion"

"Tet~~Tet~~~"-Times up! Means i won that RM100. Easy huh?? Actually the conversation takes longer, as i forgotten some of the questions and answers. :p
Anyhow, lucky for me then to pick RM100 even though i missed the oppurtunity to win RM1000. ")(#*&(*@#^&(@#*%)(#".

Can't believe i won it so easily. I will try again next time! (abit greedy~~~)

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  1. Wow this is the first hearing some experience from live radio show! WOOSH! I felt nervous for you, and congratulate for the 100 bucks you've won! Haha