Sunday, May 25, 2008

:.. Dessert for the night ..:

K.T.Z Food, our destination our Saturday night's dessert. It is located at SS2, nearby to SS2 foos stall. This restaurant/cafe is famous with its Sago Loh, which available in various flavour, such as Mango Loh (Mango-flavoured blended ice), Strawberry Loh, Kiwi Loh, Honeydew Loh, etc.

So we decided to fill out stomach for our midnight show for Indiana Jone, which will be started at 12:45pm. We waited for 10 minutes before manage to get a table/seats, and waited for 5 minutes to place an order, and 10 minutes for our foods/dessert. And finished the food in 15 minutes, and moves our butt as there are so many peoples queing for a place. So better move, before people complaining "Sudah habis makan, still dowan to leave...Grrrr~~~".

We ordered Mango Loh, Red Bean, Chee Cheong Fun, and "Siu Mai". It cost us RM14.00 for all, quite expensive for night supper. :p

The menu for famous SAGO LOH

Chee Cheong Fun & Mango Loh

Me, tasting "Mango Loh"

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  1. i also love KTZ's mango loh.... but long time din eat already lo...