Saturday, May 03, 2008

:.. IronMan Movie Review ..:

Casting Crew for IronMan

IronMan 2008

Went for the movie of the year "Iron Man" yesterday mid-night. The movie takes about 1 hour 45 minutes, and i really watched it, spending every minute and second. Not even blinking my eyes (abit "kua chiong")...:)
But, its really good, i mean the movie. The storyline very interesting, the graphics very real, the gadgets used was damn good, and importantly, there is no kissing scene at all! Hahahaha!Which means its truely hero-based story, not in saving the heroin, but in fighting the bad person (bad IronMan).

The story begin when this Tony Stark was captured upon th weapon demonstration at Afghanistan. Black-mail by them to create a similar weapon (Jericho Missile) for Afgahistan. But what a bad guy, in-turn he design the IronMan suit in the cave with the help of a translator. Fortunately, he manage to escape and back to USA. And continues to use his creativity to polished his design and completes his marvellous Ironman suit design.

The fight between him and his partner began when he found out his partner was the one who plan to capture him while his trip to Afghanistan. And plan to conquer the Stark Industries company. As add-on to the fight, his partner manage to steal and re-design his Ironman suit. So ended up, two ironman fight against each other.

The ending was the expected ending, where the bad guy defintely will be defeated and good guy remain happily ever after. :) Strongly recommended to see.....You must see this movie! It's enjoyable!


  1. Yeah! I didn't recommend wrongly right? Hahaha!

  2. Nope, u did not! The movie really good..It's fun to watch, and excited to see the next episode of IronMan..