Thursday, May 22, 2008

.. Latest TVB Drama ..

Forensic II

I started to download and watch Hong Kong TVB latest drama series, "The Forensic Investigation II". Starring by Bobby Au Yeung, Lam Man Lung, Charmaine Seh and more..
As self-explanatory by the drama title, this drama is about a group of polices, and forensics specialist try their best to solve a case,which normally which involve death of bodies. Hong Kong styled C.S.I (Crime Scene Investigator). I did watched its 1st season, and the storyline was not bad, as each and every case involved different type of murders, different ways of solving the cases. It is absolutely my type of drama o_o"

It is strongly recommended to those who have creative / investigator's mindset. You can download this bittorrent files from , you may need to download the player Qvod Player in order to download and the video files. Or for a faster way, contact me...I'll think of a way to send it to you... :p

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  1. HEY! i would love to watch this drama. is it possible for you to send them to me? thanksss!! =D