Sunday, May 04, 2008

.. Happy Birthday Sook Mei ..

Sook Mei with my present for her

2nd May 2008, a day after the Labour Day holiday, it's also her XXth birthday..Who is she??
"Tam Sook Mei", since the surname is the same as me, SOooooo...she is my sister, older sister but not the eldest one..My 2nd sister.

She came back to Shah Alam, our parent's house at 3rd of may 2008, to pass me something and to collect something (from me!)..:)

I bought her the rug from IKEA, exactly the same as mine, but different colour. I got her the cream colour rug, instead of red colour. I choose cream colour because i know she likes white colour, as her house full with white colour furniture. -_-"

Happy Birthday, Sister..Wishing you a prosperous and happy years onwards.. Stay Happy!

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