Thursday, May 08, 2008

.. 3 Days of Detoxification ..

A day before .....
1:00pm: Ate lunch (Rice + Vege + Fried Chicken)
9:30pm : Ate McDonald Spicy McDeluxe + French Fries + Large Coke
11:00pm: Ate 2 plums.

1st Day

6:00am : I feel stomach ache while dreaming my "white horse prince", and rush to toilet to poo for the 1st time, after stopped making the "business" for 4 days.

8:15am: Started to have the feel of visiting the toilet while on the way to work,and quickly make my way to the nearest toilet from my department, and started to release all my "expired" food.

10:30am: Again, rush to toilet to poo for the 3rd time, i guess too much of oil consumption i guess. :)

2:30pm:Ate 1 plum after lunch.

9:30pm:Ate another plum before sleep.

2nd Day

8:10am: Continue my poo'ing process......."Emmmmmmmmmm....Emmmmmm..."-Hahhaha! no sound actually, as it was so smooth...I do not need to use energy at all... :)

10:20am: 2nd time of business making for the day.

1:00pm: Lunch as normal (Rice + Vege + Chicken)
2:00pm : Ate one plum.

6:30pm: Dinner (Rice + Vege+Fish)
9:00pm:Ate another plum before sleep.

3rd Day
8:30am: It seems like fixed to go to toilet at this time. Regular toilet customer :p

9:20am: Continue the 2nd time...I wonder the cleaner feel weird to see me visiting "her" so often. Hahaha!

Lunc.....Dinner..................I think i will dispose all my foods early in the morning. It make feel light and ease for releasing it early in the morning....I guess till here i update my 3 days Detoxification Itinerary.. Will update on the weight and health status....Stay with me ya!


  1. for 1st day, all u ate was just McD for the whole day?!

  2. Of course not, i just put the latest meal ma..
    I ate my lunch that day, i ate my lunch everyday..Don't worry.. :)