Sunday, May 04, 2008

:.. Quck!Quak!A cute memo from Japan ..:

Sook Mei and my brother in law just came back from Japan trip last week, and she brought me the imported memo from Japan. As you can see, its not a normal memo book, but a special designed memo book, where there are 2 layers of paper (the Duck and the water). From the outlook, it doesnt seem to be 2D layer memo book, but when u flip it through, you will know how cute it is.

Anyway, thank you for the sourvenier. Thank you alot...

The front of the memo

The 1st layer (The Duck)

The 2nd layer (The Water)


  1. So cute leh the notepad! Don't think can find it over here in Malaysia..

  2. Yung --> Yahor, u also think it's cute? Yeah! Me feel the same too....

    "Hm seh tak" to used it....As it was too cute, might keep it as a collection....