Saturday, May 24, 2008

:.. What a rule!! Grrr~~..:

"You cannot wear skirt higher than knee-length!" - said by a security when i was about to enter Spansion's entrance.

What the hell is that?? She said it was company's rule for not wearing that..

Hallooooo....Now is 21st century ok, and please open abit.....Do you aspect me to wear like those Arab woman? I just don't understand how can those "BUMIPUTERAs" can stand of Malaysia's weather in closed ..Moreover today is Saturday..It's my right to wear something that comfortable, to me at least. Grrr~~~~

I dont think my skirt is short at all, thats why i wear it to work. You judge it....Short?? Aiii~~ This is 1st time, i felt so hate about Spansion........

My "short" skirt...


  1. ish3x.... i also kena once b4 from my ex female superior...but that was in 90s wo. ... !

  2. Yala....Ridiculous kan! Now its not 90s anymore..I don't understand why they set such a rule,to prevent the guys from being distracted looking at us? ish 3X...

  3. m one of d bumiputera who love to wear 'tudung'/'baju labuh' even it is damned hot in malaysia. y? coz m a muslim and i have to obey d 'dress code' as a muslim. anyway, u dont hv to follow the 'dress code' coz u r not a muslim, but pls.. never make other ppl offended by ur statament.. coz "what goes around, comes around"..!