Sunday, May 04, 2008

.. Wan Tan Mee ..

Restoran Ho Weng Kee, located at SS2. A restaurant recommended by Chui Ling a host for, "One Day 5 meals" show. "Wan Tan Mee" was their main attraction or the main course. It's just the matter what side dishes you would like to have for the mee.
We'd got "Chicken" for our side dish, and a bowl of "Sui Kao"-5 pieces.
He likes the taste of the mee, but i did not feel any difference with normal wan tan mee. Oh ya, i noticed one difference, the PRICE! (abit stringy!).
It's not worth paying RM5.50/RM6.00/RM6.50 for a plate of wan tan mee. :p
Anyhow, its all in my stomach now. But you guys can have a try and let me know whether its good/ worthy or not! :)

The prices for varieties of flavours

"Sui Kao"-Wan Tan

The "chicken shrimp" wan tan mee

After we finished all the wan tan mees

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