Tuesday, May 06, 2008

.. Kenko Diet Plum ..

The packing of Kenko Diet Plum (30 plums)

The individual packing (a plum in each packet)
Kenko Diet Plum, a new brand for me.
I got to know about this plums from Ringo, describing on her progress after eating this plum. After do some research, and found out this Kenko Diet Plum quite famous and lots of them (bloggers) tried it, and strongly recommend to those who would like to diet without restricting food comsumption and for those with constipation problem.

I manage to get the contact after dropped a message to Ringo, and decided to try a box myself. So i contacted the supplier, and got my 1st box today. RM139.00 for 30 plums (in each individual packet). Roughly RM4.63 per plum, and it is recommended to eat 2-4 plums daily. I decided to eat 2 plums today after my dinner, and let's see whats the result tommorrow morning. I will keep update in the progress (the frequency of poo'ing) ...Hahahahaha!
So you guys will know the result, and contact me to get a box to try it yourself too... :)

Kenko Diet Plum is a natural organic product from Japan and it is a product that can be used for 3 different needs :-

1) loose weight 2) detoxification 3) bowel problems (constipation)

The ingredient of the Natural Organic Plum(Golden Plum) itself consists:-
Lactic Bacteria- Garcinia Cambotia- Alexandrian Senna- Angelica keiskei(Ashitaba)- Essence of Pu-er Tea

Details of Ingredients:
1.NATURAL ORGANIC PLUM(Golden Plum)Dried Plum packed with Vitamins, Mineral & High Fiber
FUNCTION-Improve Blood Circulation-Helps Diet Process by Disposing unwanted substances-Help Control Cholesterol Level
2.LACTIC BACTERIAAlso known as Lactobacillus (the friendly bacteria for the stomach)
FUNCTION-Strongly Increase Peristalsis Movement-Effectively Prevent Chronic Constipation
3.GARCINIA CAMBOTIAA Tropical fruit plant, from a magical fruit extrcation of natural ingredients-HCA-K also known as Hidroxy Citric Acid-Potassium
FUNCTION-Natural appetite suppressant-Inhibiting fat, reduce fat accumulation
4.ALEXANDRIAN SENNACassia seed form the Cassia Legume seeds mature
FUNCTION-Soften Stools-Decreasing blood pressure
5.ASHITABA( Longevity Herb )Known as Ming-Ri LeavesHigh B12 Complex Vitamins & Minerals
FUNCTION-Strengthen Immune System-Normalizing Blood Sugar Level-Beautiful Skin Complexion
6.Essence of Pu-er TeaTraditional Chinese tea
FUNCTION-Dissolve Fat-Aid in Digestion


  1. It works, just it's kinda expensive. 2 Diet plums means about RM9 per day.. I can't afford it..

  2. You've tried it before? How was the result? I poo three times ledi today up to now, 1:15pm.