Wednesday, May 14, 2008

:.. &(*@9*@#$%# Grrrrrrrrrrr...:

WTF!!! I'm so pissed off.....Why? because i wasted one hour of OT, that caused me to stay for another hour tonight. "Ceritanya begini..."

My company require us to apply or to submit the overtime(OT) that we did for a month. The OT will start to be counted from 6pm onwards. This means we will only be able to claim our OT start from 6pm, and not from 5pm. So we are forced to do 1 hour charity hour for company, as our working hour is from 8am - 5pm. And it was hourly based, which mean you will need to do a FULL one hour in order to claim the hour.

And there is minimum limit of hours that we need to do in amonth in order to claim the OT, min 11 hours (in a month). This means we will not get to claim our OT if we only manage to do 4 hours, or 7 hours or even 10 hours, as long as it is below the minimum limit of OT in a month.

You must be wondering "What's wrong with that...?What's wrong with the OT scheme?"

The problem occured when i manage to claim 11 hours OT for this month, BUT found out that there is one hour (as shown as below), shown that the clock out time left "4 minutes", yes!! "4 minutes" to reach 1 hour. This means i need to work another hour to replace that 56 minutes. Else, i will not even get my minimum OT claims, and will waste not only 56 minutes but 11 hours 56 minutes!

Now you understand why i'm so frustated. They can't even tolerate with that 4 minutes? Come on! It's just 4 minutes! So mean........And after some surveys, i found out that some of my colleagues even failed to claim the OT, for a differences of "1 minute = 60 seconds"!!!Ish ish ish ish ish~~~

So the morale of the story is to make sure u waited in front of the exit door before the time is enough for you to claim one hour!


  1. I guess you are working in a big company right? Next time you better watch the time correctly before you intend to clock out..

  2. a lesson lor... look at the punch card machine time b4 u clock out!!