Friday, May 09, 2008

.. Spansion Achievement Reward..

Orange cap, a reward from Spansion for the achievementfor Q1. A very bright color cap given by our manager this evening. The 1st gift received from Spansion after 4 months joining Spansion. Why they choose orange color? Why not white color? Why not choosing black color? All employees wil get their cap from their manager. Imagine all of the employees wearing the cap at the same time, it will become so funny!

I don't think it is suitable to give cap, i rather get a T-shirt, a memo book, a jacket, or something else. At least we can wear the T-shirt for work, or use the memo book. But not this cap, when can we wear it?

The bright-colored cap

Long cap hood

Me, wearing them!Funny!


  1. No you didn't looked funny, you looked cute. :)

  2. Are you sure? Cute...Hmmm....Emmmm...Thank you for your compliment anyway, but i know i doesnt look good with cap.