Friday, May 16, 2008

:.. Skip Lunch ..:

It's lunch time now, and surfing time too...I skipped my lunch because i took a quite heavy breakfast, "Nasi Lemak" with "Planta Bread". It's started when we (Hui Juin & I) has the first breakfast, i think 2 weeks ago. Since we had our heavy breakfast, either taking fried mee-hon, mee or nasi lemak, so we will still feel full even though it's lunch time.

Nothing much i can do, so it's time to surf around or updating my blog, like what i'm doing now. :p It's Friday after few thousands blinks of eye. And it's time to think where to go and what to eat for coming weekend. Some of you might eagerly in witing for this coming weekend, as Monday is a public holiday, so can have another day of rest day. But pity me, i might need to come to work on Public Holiday, a normal suprise after joined Spansion few months back. There in the process of testing the system integration phase, so need to standby for support.

So sorry, dear, can't accompany you this coming public holiday. But who knows you might feel happy because nobody nag or disturb you from doing your favourite activities.......SLEEPING!!!
So normally i will do something to prevent him from sleep, why??? Because our times seems to pass faster when he sleep. By right we will have 12 hours for Saturdayenough for our weekend leisure for movies, shopping, eating, "pak to",etc....But ended up it will remain 6-8 hours because he want to slep longer or he want to take afternoon/evening nap...Grrrrrrr~~~~~

I ate Kenko Diet for 1week++ already, and does not see major results, but what i can tell you guys, is my tummy seems to be smaller and softer. It used to be big (flatulent) and hard most probably due to constipation problem. Yala, imagine all the digested/non-digested +unwanted gas food filled your stomach.

Let's whats the result after i finished all fo the plums....

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