Saturday, May 17, 2008

.. UNISA Parchment & Transcript ..

UNISA Parchment & Transcript posted to me at last. I collect it from my former college, S.I.T (Sepang International Technology) aka. HELP ICT College, this morning.

The size of the certificate was so big, bigger than normal certificate. I wonder where can i get a file that can fit that size of certificate? How can I bring it for my interviews in future? Hmmmmm... (wink* wink*).

But anyhow, i got it at last. A completion of my degree, a completion of my student life at the moment. I'm happy because i received the official chancellor's letter of commendation for year 2007 at the same time.

The parchment (Unisa-University of South Australia)

Unisa Academic Transcript

The Chancellor's Letter of commendation

Dean's words to me..


  1. Congrats.. for the certificate, laminate and just bring separately during interviews. for file, photocopy it by resize to a4..may..

  2. Fuyoh! You are so briliant!!

    Why i din think of it? Good idea! But you will be suprised to see the actual size, coz its really really big! :)

  3. congrats sis.... i wonder what mom ate while we are in her stomach. How come 3 of us so 'smart' geh? kekekekekek ....

  4. aiyooo i also kena many times...those kuai our name terbalik.... surname and last name n middle name...all jumble up...the dean referred u as Ms Sook Tam....

  5. Yalo, duno why they read it such a way.... -_-"
    MISS SOOK TAM...So Funny!I cant wait for my convocation prepared all, its in July..