Sunday, May 11, 2008

.. Happy Mother's Day ..

Suprise will be revealed tonight..

Special Hand-Made (DIY) Card

Happy Mother's Day, to my beloved mother, Madam Ong Nyok Lan aka. Mrs. Tam. Nothing much i can do for you but preparing you a special hand made card by myself (as above). I've spent appx RM30++ to buy all the "ingredients" for the card. Not forgotten to be mentioned, this idea was brought by Ms Stephanie, Tam Sook Hsia. She suggested to prepare a surpise for mom for this year's Mother's Day by having her photos collection from year 1990-2008 (10 years). Unfortunately, not easy to get back the photos in each of every year as some of the photos do not have date printed, so we'd forgotten which year the photos was taken. So after a last minutes "dustbin" searching, we managed to find some of the photos, but not the backdated one. So I decided to proceed to use whatever photos we have. Oh yah, we will celebrate the event at The Chicken Hartz Buffet, Sunway Pyramid tonight.

I bought all the materials at Wan Utama, and started to work it out last night 4am (after the midnight movie and after helping Mr Leong's to complete his artwork for his roadshow). And completed the design at 7am this morning. I don't feel tired / sleepy at all, as i feel so excited to see the end-results of the card designed. The idea just popped in my mind, on how to arange the photos collection, on how to utilize the materials bought to create a 3D look for the card. I carefully cut all the alphabets and all the card-boards, etc. After 3 hours of mid-night oil burning, and "Taaa-Daaaaa!!!, here it goes the card at last".

It's look easy to prepare, but the process of cutting alphabets, and designing takes the most of the time. But of course, need time to walk around to get the idea on how to arrange all the materials. It might not look professional, but it shows all my care and love towards my beloved mother. I hope she will love it, and impressed with my piece of work.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world!

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  1. Good work, sis. U r very talented... we all are. :P