Friday, May 23, 2008

.. My Healthy or fattening LUNCH..

Healthy? Fattening? Hmmmmm......And lots more different opinion to "them" -> "Dannone crackers". But anyhow, they helped me to fill my stomach for today's lunch. I brought them back from Giant Supermarket last Saturday, and started to "kill" them one by one on Thusday. Hahahah~~

It's funny to talk about crackers, as i got nothing to blog about for the last few days, and after received some "complaint" from some loyal readers that there is nothing to read in my blog, as i did not update it for few days.... (Yala, talking about you la, who else?!-Hahahaha! -_-")

So "they-Dannone Cracker" become our hero&heroin today.....In my blog's main page, main article, main topic..

Fattening Crackers

Healthy Crackers

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