Friday, July 31, 2009

:: LesMills Programs ::

I've been joining Fitness First (free-trial) for 1 week since last Saturday. Basically, both of us manage to join few LesMills classes conducted during weekdays or weekend.

It's been an experience for us to at least experiencing the classes conducted by profressional fitness constructor and not only trying to do it at home at our own risk or dancing in the toilet. wtf~ Yes, I have my own bathing exercise routine. Hahahah~ Send me email if you want to know. Hahahahah~

Here I will provide some sypnosis on what classes (Body Combat, Body jam, Body Pump and Body Step) we had joined and some of our 2 cents of opinion what we think about the classes and instructor.

is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

Elaine says:

Body Combat is my 1st class (Group Exercise). And what I can say about this class is it nearly kill me, and I won't be breathing smoothly now and writing a post here. Wtf~ Not sure what Body Combat is, and I just blindly step into the class of *emmmm* roughly with less than 15 peoples. And after 5 minutes, I realize that it is a kick-boxing class where I will need to kick or punch the air.

It was a fun class where being a boyish (naturally) I like to kick and punch and I can't do it in normal situation. Unless someone willing to be the sand-bag for me to torture. Anyone??? I saw someone raise his hand? You!??? You??? Heheheh~

And same goes to Hui Juin who likes Body Combat too. See, all gals like to kick and punch actually. Please stay 3 feets away from both us, as we already equip ourselves with the best karate/muay thai/boxing styles! Wa~Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

is the cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance. An addictive fusion of the latest dance moves and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as breaking a sweat. Funky instructors teach you to move with attitude through this 55-minute class. So grab a friend, get front and center and get high on the feeling of dance.

Elaine says:

Body jam is another fun class where we can dance without the need to pay expensive disco/pub cover charge, where we can dance freely without the need to wear high heel shoe or sexy dress/clothes, where we can dance in a light room instead of dark disco/pub!

And we can even learn how to dance properly like hip-hop! Yes! Yo-yo-yo!! Hip Hop dance! This is what we learned on our first Body Jam class. It's really fun, where I get the oppurtunity to see myself in front of the big mirror while dancing around. And most importantly, I can see how Hui Juin dance too! hahahahaha~ This is one of my favourite class.

is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast!

Elaine says:

Damn! This is my worse class among all. I was alone that day to join this class, and I skipped my lunch that day not knowing this class to be such hectic class.

Again, being my first time joining body pump, not knowing what Body Pump is all about. I saw people is preparing their dumb-bel (stupid bell) on the floor, so I asked the instructor whether it is suitable for lady/women to join. Immediately he said "OF COURSE!!!". The instructor being kind and start explaining the routine and the correct posture in lifting the barbell/dumbbell.

I still manage to stand the routine for the 1st half, but however I collapsed towards the end especially when he asked us to lay down, and lift the bell towards to sky.

I started to feel dizzy and stomach pain. I wan to throw up, and rush out of the room. But luckily, I did not. Just feel need to rest for a while and get a cup of water to fresh my body. However, feel so embarassed of leaving the class in the middle.

This is the best thing joining group exercise, where you will think twice before decided to quit. It's because people will stare at you, so this in-directly force yoru body to move on. Good plan huh~ heheheheh~ However, I don'i like body pump because too much of slow-strech or mucle building routine.

is the energizing step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Using a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step you get huge motivation from sing-a-long music and approachable instructors. Cardio blocks push fat burning systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks that shape and tone your body.

Elaine says:

Not having a good experiences on this class neither. This class will use a adjustable stand for us to step while following the instructor on the stage. For those who know, the instructor will be facing us while moving along. So means, his left is our right, his right is our left. When he move to the left, we must move to the right. If he move to the right, we must move to the left.

Both of us were somekind of lost in the middle of the choreography, mainly because we are confuse with his left...errr...right.....or this right? is he moving to the left? ARgghhhh!!!!!!

And the instructor change too fast. Once we get used to one of the style, he already change to the next style. Make me feel so frustated in following his moves. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~ So fed-up~ Nothing much to say about this class, but PISSED OFF! hahahahah~ Maybe will try for different instructor *maybe*

There are several LesMills Programs, but yet to have the chances to join them. You can know more about them here. Will join Body Attack soon, and will update you guys how we are doing in that. If you can't find any updates for it, means we did badly or we SUCKS in that class! =____="

Wish us luck then~ Amin~
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

:: I won RM100 again~ Yeay~ ::

This is my 2nd time calling in to radio station to participate in their on-air competition after winning RM100 from Hitz.FM. Click here to know more.

I bring out my courage (actually more toward phone) to call them this morning around 7am something to participate in this "Male-Female War". This war is about one male DJ, Jeff and one female DJ, Jane who are fighting each other by getting participants to represent them in answering questions prepared by each other.

Each of the representer will be asked 3 questions each, and whoever get the most correct questions answered will win. Easy right?! That's why I called in to try my luck! Heheheh~

Upon that, they will accumulate the points everyday, and see who (male DJ or female DJ) earn the highest points. Whoever lose will need to receive somekind of "punishment" from other. While the participants the winning participant will get away with RM100 cash from OneFm. So, clear what this war is all about?

Ok, let's continue. So, I called in representing female and not male (of course la!! I have boobs and butts ok!). =__=" And below are the questions :

To male (Paul)
1. What is the color of the famous cartoon, Sponge Bob? --> He manage to answer this "Yellow". So damn easy right?!!!

2. Spell out women cosmetics brand "Garnier" --> He claimed he never heard of this brand before. Yes la!!

3. Errr....I can't remember what is the last question. --> And he failed to answer this too.

To Female (ME!!)
1. Spell out branded sport car "Porsche" --> Yes! I know. Easy Job! But I nearly missed the "H" after the "C". But luckily I still manage to correct it!

2. What sport "Alonso" is in? FI Driver --> Luckily I remember vaguely about this name "LONSO..LONSO". I got it correct too!

3. How to promounce "Jalur Gemilang", Malaysia National Song in Chinese. --> Damn it!! I am BANANA ok! How to translate into chinese la!! I answered "Colorful Stripe". "Deettt!!! WRONG!!!"

Anyway, I won over him 2-1. And yes! I got that RM100!! Yes la!!!Happy for me? I'm waiting for them to call me to collect my cash voucher!! *counting the clock now- Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock~ Hoping they are not cheating my feeling for not calling me, or call me saying "no more cash or no more vouchers. ALILUYA~ AMITOFU~ YA ALLAH~ hahahah~

What a lucky day for me~
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Monday, July 27, 2009

:: Healthy Day @ Fitness First

Okay, it's time to continue posting about my healthy cum painful day on this month. As mentioned earlier, I registered myself for 2-weeks trial at one of the fitness center at Bukit Tinggi. Thanks to Jusco for giving out the Birthday Voucher, and entitled me and one of my friend for 2-weeks trial at Fitness First Center. I choose Bukit Tinggi branch as it's near to my company and mostimportantly near to Hui Juin's house. KHJ~ See, I'm so good to you hor...So, please quit MAPLE!

And who knows if I'm so keen and determine to continue a healthy life by visiting gym and registere myself for a full-membership-plan. Hui Juin and I has plan everything 2 days before our "big day". And gladly, it went as planned despite of little obstacles here and there. Heheheheh~

We begin our day with early breakfast at Sri Muda, having famous pig-long-fun (chee cheong fun) and ro-bert-kou (carrot cake). I was late approximately for 10 minutes because I was too obsessed with car-washing until under-estimated the time I need to take bath and pack my attire for gym. And ended up, I reached there eating alone as Hui Juin and Meng Liang (Hui Juin's bf) has completed their breakfast without me. And as penalty for being late, I was left with 1/3 plate of carrot cake. Errrr...maybe 1/4. Hahahhaha~

5 pieces of yong tau fu and chee cheong fun~ The sauce taste swwet and delicious.

1/4 plate of carrot cake. And I think I tasted Hui Juin and Meng Liang's saliva too. HAHAHHAHA~ But they taste good! I mean the carrot cake ok! Hahahahaah~

After finishing our breakfast, we moves our butt(s) over to Jusco as we made our appointment for our 1st fitness class at 10:30am, which is "Fitball Core", yoga using a big balloon ball to be specific! I thought it's going to be a very suffering class, as experiences by Hui Juin before. Or somehow to be a rather fun session but the class dissapoint me at the end of the class.

The instructor not encouraging at all, the style of yoga not challenging at all and what pissed me the most is I'm not sweating at all for that 45 minutes session. Wtf~ Sad right? I want to be there to sweat or at least feel suffering! Tsk Tsk Tsk~ Oh ya, Fitball Core is one of "Mind & Soul Exercise". Maybe my mind and soul are strong enough to feel anything. Hahahahah~ *being cocky*

The only thing that I'm happy with is the camwhore session inside the class. =___="

Fitness First, here I come!!! Attack AH!!!!!

Our first class, Fitball Core by MC Toh

Me holding the ball, balloon, air ball...errr..whatever~

Hui Juin + her peace + her ball (I mean the air-ball)

Camwhore ah!!!

My yoga leg with the ball

Others while preparing and waiting for the instructor

I felt so boring after the class, thinking to leave immediately but considering I haven't leave a drop of sweat on my shirt, and ended persuading Hui Juin to join "Group Exercise" as well. But, she did not bring her sport shoe because she thought we will only join "Fitball Core" and leave.

Luckily her house is located nearby so she called Meng Liang to deliver her sport shoe immediately, "Sport Shoe Despatch Boy". Hahhahaha~ After waited for 10 minutes, Meng Liang still yet to arrive with the shoe so she asked me to join without her for the "Body Combat" class. I have no idea what is the class about until I entered and I saw a group of students kicking and punching. Ohhhh~~ It's the kick-boxing class.

This is the 1st time me joining kick-boxing and 1st time kicking the air. And normally, I kick the pillow or kick Leong Khai Lian only. Hehehheeh~ I was suffering for the 1st half, struggling to get enough breath into my lung while need to simultaneously kicking and punching the air. But, I'm so happy as I sweat like nobody business after the session. Yes! That's what I want! SWEAT!!!

And pity Hui Juin, she waited me outside alone, drinking free-flow green tea, reading news paper, and I bet she's peeping at those muscle-bodied-instructor. HAMSAP POH~

And too bad, I can't take much photos as somebody warn us for taking photo at the treadmill area. "Hey, cannot take photos here one!". Wtf~ I punya suka la!!! But, to prevent from being kicked out, I obey and keep my bling bling camera!

Treadmill area - quite empty that time

After the "Body Combat" class, we continue to join "Modern Dancing Class". For the 1st time too, we learn how to dance HIP-HOP dance. Heheheheh~ Too bad, can't snap or shoot any video, else will shoot how shaky Hui Juin's BUM BUM was. Now I know she can shake her hips very well too~ Phewwww wwwiiittt!!!

Wow! Not realizing I've joined 3 classes in a row from 10:30am ~ 11:30am (FitballCore), 11:40am~12:30pm (Body Combat) and 12:50pm~1:30pm (Dancing class). And because of this, it became one of my painful day as my whole body muscles overloaded and I was in pain NOW! wtf~~

I decided not to join for now, as the membership fee quite expensive as compare to others. I will need to pay in advance RM119 (Joining Fees), RM109 (Admin Fees), RM149 (trainer Fess-for booking 1-1 personal trainer for 3 sessions), and monthly RM185 for membership fees! SF expensive~ At least expensive for middle-earner like me.

Since we've spilled most of our sweats and burned portion of our body-calories, now it's time for us to regain back some energy by filling our stomach. Yeay! Eating time~ This time, Hui Juin brought me to Sakae Sushi for late lunch together with Meng Liang who joined us afterwards.

How to order the sushi, click and confirm~ So advance~

The mesmerize couple

The pink plate RM3.90 and red plate RM5.90 sushi

Our "branded" green tea

The food is turning~ And Turning~

The cup looks so cute~ Can I have it? Or steal it? *looking left and right* Ok, cannot~ T___T

Another red plate sushi~

And lastly, my California Hand Roll!

We ate this much~ 2 Red, 4 Pink, 6 Green.

Thank you, and see you again~

Phewwww~ It's been a day, and I'm still suffering due to the body-ache. But, both of us decided to challenge our body again to drop by for Body Pump class tonight! Wish us luck! And I hope I can get more photos today.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

:: MOS & CocoBanana Outing @ Sunway ::

OK, as promised, here I present to you my Ladies Nite outing for this week. As planned, we (Yves, Elaine Yuen, Chui Yee and YiYi, and I) went to Euphoria by Ministry of Sound at Sunway.

To save our petrol and time, Yves and I will meet up at Sri Muda and car-pool to there. Beforehand, we drop by one of Chinese-style Restaurant (forgotten the name) to have our dinner. Hmmmmm......not a good experience as I ordered Cha Siew Wan-Tan-Mee. They come to us after a while and says "Sorry, cha siew finished ledi." Wtf~ Wan tan Mee without cha siew is not Cha Siew Wan Tan Mee ok!! *Speechless* So, ended me to have plain Wan Tan Mee with lotz of wan tan. =___="

Yves with her Soup-Wan-Tan-Mee

Me with my dry-Wan-Tan_Mee

Our drinks Honey Lemon and Lemon with Coke

After filling our stomach, here we go for our drink-hunting night, as we thought since Thursday is ladies night for most of the pubs/clubs. Who know~~~ We had the biggest dissapointment for our clubbing history where most of them only provide one-drink (the most) and some of them do not provide drinks at all~ Wtf~~ I was ~~ *Speechless again*

Euphoria MOS is our first spot where we utilize our time to camwhore and taking MOS tour for like 45 minutes. =__=" We entered around 10pm, and went out at 10:45pm. Wondering why? it is because of the following reasons :

1) We are not allowed to seat/choose to seat on the couches UNLESS we open a bottle of hard-liquor.
2) We are only allowed to stand, even though we are early.
3) Only one drink (and the drink taste sucks!) are given to each lady.
4) GOD! There are less than 50 people in there. Crowded sucks too!
5) We finished our camwhoring and touring session, so our mission accomplished!

Frankly, the environment not bad as they had good club designs, comfortable and clean air-ventilation, and they had a big stage. We asked the bouncer, and they claimed that it will only croweded after 12am. wtf again~ Even on ladies night?

Since MOS does not provide free-flow drinks, we decided to change our location to Cocobanana (as Elaine Yuen knew definitely there are free-flow-drinks for lady on ladies night). Fyi, BarCelona is on renovation, so BarCelona is no longer our option for that night. Before continue, let's enjoy the photos taken during the camwhore and tour session in MOS.

I was here "Euphoria by MOS"

Yves turn

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

The shining board

I even camwhore with "toilet" sign board wtf~~

Touring~ On the bridge

Can you see the bar downstairs?

Errrrrrrr....with that 3 bottles? Can I have it? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...

Cheeerrrrrrrrrrr~ Not sure what drink it is~

It's pink color

Another floor, The Deq

Posing with the stairs =_____="

Say chesssssssssee

Ok, let's continue with CocoBanana. I know I know...CocoBanana mostly covered by lala jai and lala mui right....T__T So what, we are they for drinks only, and not there to court lala jai or see lala mui. Hahahah~

We entered there around 11pm, and thought to get our 1st drink. Sekali the bar tender show us some signs (since it's quite noisy with loud music). He showed "women body shape", followed by "No no no no" sign. we translated as "Ladies Night no more free-flow-drinks".

Then all of us opened our mouth showing the sign "O" followed by WTF~~~~~ Hahahahahah~ Ok, after further clarification, confirmed that it is ladies night but no drinks to be provided as there is one performer from Korea, Sara who will will be performing for that night. Damnnn~~ Spoil our plan for drink-hunting. How to dance without little bit of alcohol flowing in our head? So after further discussion, we ended up with one Beer tower to kill our night.Sighhh~~ Paying with out own money on Ladies Night. What a history and experiences isn't? Hahahahah~

Anyway, having fun with these new group of friends. We drink, chat, dance, flirt, watch (free show) until 1:30am. Phewwww~~ Of to bed at 2:30am and wake up this morning at 6:30am to work. Damn~ I must had a very big panda eyes by now. Ok, photo time~ Not many photos taken in CocoBanana because my camera was out of battery. Waiting for the photos from the rest~~ Stay Tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Photos credit to Elaine for sharing on Facebook. Muakkkss~ Thanks!

Hmmmmmm..Not sure why I showed "emmmmmm" face~

Thanks Mr "X" for being the cameraman.

Let's camwhore while we still awake

Sara, the performer for the night

Wtf~ So much of "buih"~ I mean in the Beer Tower, not from our mouth

Cheers again~

Our Beer Tower

Errrrrrr~~ What I want to do with the "plastic tower"??

Pretending to be the bartender i guess. FAILED!

Phewww~ Her face so red...over-drink I guess T__T

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