Friday, July 24, 2009

:: MOS & CocoBanana Outing @ Sunway ::

OK, as promised, here I present to you my Ladies Nite outing for this week. As planned, we (Yves, Elaine Yuen, Chui Yee and YiYi, and I) went to Euphoria by Ministry of Sound at Sunway.

To save our petrol and time, Yves and I will meet up at Sri Muda and car-pool to there. Beforehand, we drop by one of Chinese-style Restaurant (forgotten the name) to have our dinner. Hmmmmm......not a good experience as I ordered Cha Siew Wan-Tan-Mee. They come to us after a while and says "Sorry, cha siew finished ledi." Wtf~ Wan tan Mee without cha siew is not Cha Siew Wan Tan Mee ok!! *Speechless* So, ended me to have plain Wan Tan Mee with lotz of wan tan. =___="

Yves with her Soup-Wan-Tan-Mee

Me with my dry-Wan-Tan_Mee

Our drinks Honey Lemon and Lemon with Coke

After filling our stomach, here we go for our drink-hunting night, as we thought since Thursday is ladies night for most of the pubs/clubs. Who know~~~ We had the biggest dissapointment for our clubbing history where most of them only provide one-drink (the most) and some of them do not provide drinks at all~ Wtf~~ I was ~~ *Speechless again*

Euphoria MOS is our first spot where we utilize our time to camwhore and taking MOS tour for like 45 minutes. =__=" We entered around 10pm, and went out at 10:45pm. Wondering why? it is because of the following reasons :

1) We are not allowed to seat/choose to seat on the couches UNLESS we open a bottle of hard-liquor.
2) We are only allowed to stand, even though we are early.
3) Only one drink (and the drink taste sucks!) are given to each lady.
4) GOD! There are less than 50 people in there. Crowded sucks too!
5) We finished our camwhoring and touring session, so our mission accomplished!

Frankly, the environment not bad as they had good club designs, comfortable and clean air-ventilation, and they had a big stage. We asked the bouncer, and they claimed that it will only croweded after 12am. wtf again~ Even on ladies night?

Since MOS does not provide free-flow drinks, we decided to change our location to Cocobanana (as Elaine Yuen knew definitely there are free-flow-drinks for lady on ladies night). Fyi, BarCelona is on renovation, so BarCelona is no longer our option for that night. Before continue, let's enjoy the photos taken during the camwhore and tour session in MOS.

I was here "Euphoria by MOS"

Yves turn

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

The shining board

I even camwhore with "toilet" sign board wtf~~

Touring~ On the bridge

Can you see the bar downstairs?

Errrrrrrr....with that 3 bottles? Can I have it? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...

Cheeerrrrrrrrrrr~ Not sure what drink it is~

It's pink color

Another floor, The Deq

Posing with the stairs =_____="

Say chesssssssssee

Ok, let's continue with CocoBanana. I know I know...CocoBanana mostly covered by lala jai and lala mui right....T__T So what, we are they for drinks only, and not there to court lala jai or see lala mui. Hahahah~

We entered there around 11pm, and thought to get our 1st drink. Sekali the bar tender show us some signs (since it's quite noisy with loud music). He showed "women body shape", followed by "No no no no" sign. we translated as "Ladies Night no more free-flow-drinks".

Then all of us opened our mouth showing the sign "O" followed by WTF~~~~~ Hahahahahah~ Ok, after further clarification, confirmed that it is ladies night but no drinks to be provided as there is one performer from Korea, Sara who will will be performing for that night. Damnnn~~ Spoil our plan for drink-hunting. How to dance without little bit of alcohol flowing in our head? So after further discussion, we ended up with one Beer tower to kill our night.Sighhh~~ Paying with out own money on Ladies Night. What a history and experiences isn't? Hahahahah~

Anyway, having fun with these new group of friends. We drink, chat, dance, flirt, watch (free show) until 1:30am. Phewwww~~ Of to bed at 2:30am and wake up this morning at 6:30am to work. Damn~ I must had a very big panda eyes by now. Ok, photo time~ Not many photos taken in CocoBanana because my camera was out of battery. Waiting for the photos from the rest~~ Stay Tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Photos credit to Elaine for sharing on Facebook. Muakkkss~ Thanks!

Hmmmmmm..Not sure why I showed "emmmmmm" face~

Thanks Mr "X" for being the cameraman.

Let's camwhore while we still awake

Sara, the performer for the night

Wtf~ So much of "buih"~ I mean in the Beer Tower, not from our mouth

Cheers again~

Our Beer Tower

Errrrrrr~~ What I want to do with the "plastic tower"??

Pretending to be the bartender i guess. FAILED!

Phewww~ Her face so red...over-drink I guess T__T

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  1. waseh~ reli fast action ler!!!!
    reli so much FREE SHOW that night, huh?! (donno how many bottle of eye-mo need to use jor =_=")
    but reli much much FUN with the GUANG TAO LOH and ZHU DAM DAO appearance, ftw!
    wei, zip all the photos and send to me, plssssss

  2. apa la... 10PM??? u first time clubbing ah?
    hahaha... tats the time those clubbers only wake up & get ready. Barcelona is not close for renovation.. its becoz they got case where its involved underage patrons last few weeks & before tat they oredi got some serious cases so MPPJ shut them down temporary..

  3. told u..the crowd sucks..

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Elaine~~~
    next time if i go KL, i want go CLUBBING also..
    but tell u first har.. i am very sua gu wan..

  6. hey, no wonder both MOS and COCO were checking IC lar... not bcoz of we look like underage la... wahahah

  7. Teruterubonzu : Ya, so many free shows!! Phewwwww* I washed my eyes already.

    John : Yes, I'm still virgin wtf~ I mean virgin experiences in clubbing..hahahahah

    Yatz : =__=" Ya.....You're right...proven now! *CHOPPPP!!!*

    Dolly : Wah!You like say me looks like "kaki-clubbing" pulak..I'm not leh! IM NOT!! NOT!! I'm sua gu too!!

    Yiyi : Yalor...I thought I still looks like 18 LOL~

  8. hahaha.. dun go clubbing so often...not good..
    later kena 'tiap'...susah since u r still 'virgin' ...hahahha...
    maybe if u really need to go... ask john kor-kor to accompany u.. hahahaha... no la.. i cannot tahan the boom-boom sound oredi.. i,m more like 'baby pls tell me why, there is sadness in ur eyes' by (MLTR)... hahahah..

  9. I wish can be there to send those drunk 'back home'..... @@"

  10. John : Dont worry, I wont kena "tiap" one...JOhn KOR KOR? =__=" I thought John Uncle ledi..wakakkaka~

    elims Chuang 光宏 : Hahahah~ You should be here, man~ When are u coming to KL..hahahah~

  11. call me uncle john... hahaha...
    eh.. elims chuang is fung keong izit?
    is he asking me or u coming to KL?
    We are in KL as always , right? hmm..i,m blur..

  12. John : No...Elims Chuang is not Chuang Fung Keong~ Our Chuang stay at Klang, this Chuang stay out of KL area. =__=" You are getting older, Uncle John~

  13. how i know la... both also 'chuang'.. r they related? hahaha... our chuang dun hv western name as long as i can remember & ur chuang hv sort of weird funny name...ELIMS? hmm...

  14. John : Elims <--Unique ah~ heheheheh~ U think everyone got normal name like "JOHN"? hahahahha~