Thursday, July 09, 2009

:: Dou Yee Shoe ::

It’s been few months (maybe year) I’ve been wearing this fake-CROCS-factory shoe, and I decided to get it change today as it starts to release some kind of smell like decaying coffin or it started to get rotten and smells terribly. Hahahah~ I wonder how I can stand wearing it for few months (maybe year).

Oh yay, for those who do not know, actually my company Spansion supply us with shoe too. This is some kind of anti-electrostatic shoe which prevent the collection of dust which potentially causing failure to the products if we entered to production floor. We will need to wear this fake-CROCS-factory shoe everytime we enter factory compound, despite whether you have better high heel shoe, nicer leather shoe, or more expensive shoe. Good thing, we can save cost to buy nice shoe to wear to work, bad things is no point wearing nice clothes or pants as it somehow cannot be matched with this FUGLY fake-CROC-factory shoe.

Wtf~ I’ve gone out of topic, and actually I would like to share about the replacement of my rotten shoe to jot down the date and counting down to next time when I will change a new one, in other words, to count how long I will let it rot until my next changes. LOL~

As you can see the rotten process, the string already started to come out from it’s original location, its getting dirty and dirty, and smelly and smelly. Wtf~ It really smelly when I put it near to my nose. Stupid me for putting it so enar to my face!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Hahahahah~ so gross leh~ Will you re-consider whether you want to be friend with me anymore after this? *showing waterish eyes to get some sympathy*

Ok, to prevent you from de-list me from your friend’s list; I decide to change it TODAY!! See, I change a new DOU YEE shoe to make sure I am still a friend of yours.


Don't be cheated by it's exterior ~ And please close your nose now, if you do not want to be poisoned by H2N2 Virus

Can you see the detached string??

WOW! What a clean interior you had!! HAHAHHAH~

Another de-attached string area. I wonder how do I wear it, until this condition. hmmmmm~

WAH LIAO!!! No eyes SEEE~ =___=

And it smellsss..............Actually still ok la! My own feet smell!! Hmmm~~~ *sniffing deeply* Not bad! hahahh~


Ta~daaaaaaa~ Dou Yee, I guess made from China =__="

Wow~ Clean! You washed it using TOPS?

GOOD!! I'm wearing clean, and nice-smell SHOE!

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  1. =.="
    i am eating tauhu sumbat.. =.="
    but not so dirty also leh.. =.="
    if compare to mine..

  2. Dolly : What is TAUHU SUMBAT??? heheheh~ TAUHU BUSUK i know la....~ Hmmmmm..not that dirty but smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllyyy ...hahah~ You want? I reserve for you to smell before I throw..