Tuesday, July 07, 2009

:: Transformer III ::

Yeap! It’s Transformer III, where I will share with you see the biggest transformation that I’ve ever seen in my life. This “robot” has a very special transformation skill, where even blind people also can feel the powerfulness of the transformation.

This “robot” used to have a very big and muscular body, which was filled with fats in every part of his body including face, hands, tummy, legs, fingers, toes, chest, waist, and everywhere. I don’t even realized/noticed how FAT this “robot” was during that time, few months back from now. At that time, he just in “plumpy” category for me, and since he is a little bit tall so further categorized into “big tall plumpy + middle-age man” since he is in early 30’s.

Guys / Male “robot” normally will bother less about their appearances as they will only bother whether their wallet having enough money to spend on their girlfriend/wife/mistress or not. So, normally they will complain less on how fat they look (despite they were fat in fact). Only gals will mumble everyday, complaining everyday how fat they are (even though they are not), keep on asking people around whether they are getting fatter, asking around for the most effective diet plan, comparing around with other skinny gal hope to be as skinny as them, and more. Pheewwww~~

But, after the transformation of this “robot”, I will not being such naïve anymore, changing my perspective that GUYS also very concern and particular about their appearances too. They want to look as slim as much as possible too, despite of their non-natural-handsome look. They started to think like us (ladies) too, want to slim, not matter what. Wtf!! Man and Women are equal nowadays.

He started to diet since few months back, and changing drastically! He skipped rice, he ate smaller portion, he exercised, he skipped supper, and I think there are some SECRET RECIPE that he is not sharing with me. HE SO KIAM SIAP! He lost more than 10kgs in few months and he transformed from being a BALLOON BIG FAT GUY to a SLIM GUY (with little bit saggy skin) due to long-term-over-weight previously. Hahahahah~ But overall, he was SLIM now. =_____=”

Ok, let’s finished all and show you the TRANSFORMATION of TRASNFORMER III.


AFTER!!! wtf!! Can you recognize him?!!!!! How can be so obvious one???

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  1. walaowe... =.="
    same person ar?
    eh.. u can put Polly pic also leh..

  2. Dolly : Yes, SAME person!! Walao wei leh!! Unbeliavable? BELIEVE IT!

  3. walau.... how he do it?!

  4. Stephanie : Geng chao leh!!! He said he just skip rice! Thats all!! Geng chao leh!!!