Tuesday, July 28, 2009

:: I won RM100 again~ Yeay~ ::

This is my 2nd time calling in to radio station to participate in their on-air competition after winning RM100 from Hitz.FM. Click here to know more.

I bring out my courage (actually more toward phone) to call them this morning around 7am something to participate in this "Male-Female War". This war is about one male DJ, Jeff and one female DJ, Jane who are fighting each other by getting participants to represent them in answering questions prepared by each other.

Each of the representer will be asked 3 questions each, and whoever get the most correct questions answered will win. Easy right?! That's why I called in to try my luck! Heheheh~

Upon that, they will accumulate the points everyday, and see who (male DJ or female DJ) earn the highest points. Whoever lose will need to receive somekind of "punishment" from other. While the participants the winning participant will get away with RM100 cash from OneFm. So, clear what this war is all about?

Ok, let's continue. So, I called in representing female and not male (of course la!! I have boobs and butts ok!). =__=" And below are the questions :

To male (Paul)
1. What is the color of the famous cartoon, Sponge Bob? --> He manage to answer this "Yellow". So damn easy right?!!!

2. Spell out women cosmetics brand "Garnier" --> He claimed he never heard of this brand before. Yes la!!

3. Errr....I can't remember what is the last question. --> And he failed to answer this too.

To Female (ME!!)
1. Spell out branded sport car "Porsche" --> Yes! I know. Easy Job! But I nearly missed the "H" after the "C". But luckily I still manage to correct it!

2. What sport "Alonso" is in? FI Driver --> Luckily I remember vaguely about this name "LONSO..LONSO". I got it correct too!

3. How to promounce "Jalur Gemilang", Malaysia National Song in Chinese. --> Damn it!! I am BANANA ok! How to translate into chinese la!! I answered "Colorful Stripe". "Deettt!!! WRONG!!!"

Anyway, I won over him 2-1. And yes! I got that RM100!! Yes la!!!Happy for me? I'm waiting for them to call me to collect my cash voucher!! *counting the clock now- Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock~ Hoping they are not cheating my feeling for not calling me, or call me saying "no more cash or no more vouchers. ALILUYA~ AMITOFU~ YA ALLAH~ hahahah~

What a lucky day for me~
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  1. yeah.. can treat us eat with the RM 100 u got this weekend..
    yeah.. yeah.. yeah...

    eh.. but u damn brave leh.. =.=
    i was the stupid wan calling to radio and then hung up when DJ pick up my calls N years ago.. =.="
    but sekali only la.. i was too nervous..

  2. hahaha.... hv fun!!!

  3. wuiiiiiiiiiiiii~ y u so lucky one? lucky draw also kena, call ladio also kena, company event also kena, watelse u kenot kena one ar?
    hmmm~ now i know ledi, y u treat us so generously, ftw!
    thank u, arigatoh, gam siah for being so generous to me :P

  4. Dolly : WTf~ Dolly, I have not get the voucher yet la...heheheheh~ You hung up when the DJ picked up? Do you know people DYING to hope for the DJ to pick up their phone?!!!! So wasted~ Tsk Tsk Tsk~

    YiYi : heheheh~ Ya Have Fun~ SYIOK!!! STIM!!

    Teruterubonzu : Nola....So lucky only la~ Once in a while...WTF~ I treat you not because of this leh~ Not related at all~ wtf wtf~

  5. yehhhhh....when belanja makan?

  6. Taufulou : wtf~ I have not get the RM100 yet la~ =___=

  7. =.=.. the share is getting thin! I want u belanja too!


  8. Polly : =_____________________=" Can't say anything other than showing the *sweat* face~ Hahahhaah~ YOur getting smaller portion of cake now~

  9. >.< I dont care! Tonite we go eat secret recipe cake! you treat me....

  10. Juin : =_____________________________= AGAIN!!!

  11. save the money in piggy bank!!
    and treat me also during raya.. =.="

  12. Dolly : Piggy bank? I dont have piggy leh~ BEAR BEAR tabung only....heheheheh~

  13. okay.. bear bear tabung will do

  14. haha..your piggy bank?no need la..your task is to belanja us!