Wednesday, July 15, 2009

:: B'day Pizza @ Meeting Room ::

I know it's abit outdated, as this post has been staying inmy draft for so long, yet to have the mood and time to blog about it. Sighhh~~ But since I got nothing in my mind now, I decided to bring it LIVE for you to view! wakakakak~

It's a simple event which took place last week, where we had a simple party, a small party, a kicik-kicik-miao party for this little (not that little actually in term of age and size) birthday gal!

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Siew Ping,
Happy Birthday To You!

It's her 2Xth 3Xth birthday, and she's Hui Juin's boss and my colleague. So, we decided to throw a "small"party for her by buying Delivery Pizza Hut and eat in one of Spansion's meeting room! Hahahahah~ We ordered Regular Hawaiian Chicken, 4 pcs Original Deli-Wings, Mushroom soup and garlic bread for our lunch!

We ordered at 1130pm, and guess what it reached at 12:15pm while our lunch time is on 1:00pm! We need to let the pizza "breath" for 45 minutes before we can enjoy our first bite. And I guess it will not be that cheezy-muzzie anymore after being "chilled" for 45 minutes in the open air.Sighh~~ So, the morale of the story, order 30 minutes before your lunch time!

Ok, let's the picture do the rest of the talking! Jeng Jeng Jeng~~

Happy Birthday to our birthday gal! Siew Ping!

Presenting Pizza, Siew Ping and Hui Juin

Presenting Elaine, Siew Ping and Pizza. Mr Pizza, please SMILE! =__=

Enjoying the food!! Yummmyyy~

Opsssss..candid shot! Picking the chicken wing using 2 fingers. Hui Juin, no need to be so polite!! Nobody is here!

Cold-Cheezy Pizza

Almost done!! Almost!!

Group Photo 1

Another better shot!

Happy Birthday Siew Ping,
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  1. so good.
    can eat pizza inside office..
    we here cannot leh..

  2. Dolly : Wtf~ You're fast! I just update it fwe mins ago!! And Yeay!! Ur the 1st this time! You made it!!! hahahah~

    Hmmm..actually, cannot but we culi-culi makan only! Shiii~~~

  3. macam ni pun panggil curi curi kah? masih sempat took many photos geh =_=

  4. The pizza looks great! Make me salivate on my keyboard now... hahaha...

    Happy birthday to the birthday gal! :)

  5. IreneLim : Opsss......So, flooding (with your saliva) at your side huh? Tsk tsk tsk~ Call BOMBA!! 991...errrrr....or 994....what's the number to call BOMBA?? wtf~ I DONT KNOW! *find a hole and bury my head into the hole*