Sunday, July 05, 2009

:: A night outing @ Barcelona Sunway

Yves, Lian and I decided to spend a "wild" night on last Friday's night by dropping somewhere for alcoholic drinking. Originally decided to drop by Zazu Beach Club which was located inside Sunway Lagoon. But, considering the beer-free flow dinner buffet session ended at 10pm, so we might not having enough time to get drunk or need to spend more money for another round of alcoholic session. So, at last we change our plan to drop by Barcelona, Sunway instead.

I reached Yves's house at 7:30pm and plan to depart at 8:30pm for our dinner. So I started to groom myself by taking bath, makeup and style hair. But, things isn't went well, so ended up I spent 2 hours++ and depart at 10:00pm. My eyes having having infection (maybe) and started to get red, my fake eye lashes doesn't want to stick on my eyelid, my eye bag and dark circle cannot be covered using make up, everything just went wrong!! Grrrrr~~

But, luckily we still stick to our plan and reach Barcelona around 11:00pm, while grabbing for our fast-dinner <--McDonald!

Yves the multi-tasker..driving while eating McDonald while prepare herself for photoshoot

Lian with her french fry

Not sure how should I start blog about our party session inside Barcelona. Hmmmm~~~ Let's start on what we ordered. We ordered Dewar's 12Years which cost us RM360, and it covers for 5 of us, Me, Yves, Lian, Ken & Fong Yun(both of them are Yves's friends).

We started to drink and shake our ass, head and body when the liquid flows into our brain (except Yves as she needs to drive us back). According to her, she was 100% consious upon leaving that night. Awwww~ That was so a big sacrification for me and Lian. Arigatoh Yves!!!

It's been some time me stepping into pub/disco since few years back. And after stopped for few years, I'm so surpise knowing I still can dance non-stop for 3 hours! wtf!! Shaking my ass, shaking my head, shaking my hips, shaking my legs..Phewwww~ So, this proven I'm not that old actually. =___=" But, they started to feel sore after I woke up tomorrow morning. It is mainly because I wore 3 inches high heel shoe for 3 hours dancing/shaking exercise session. =_____="

We went in and out from the main dance floor which had the speakers/sound system just directly on top of our head. And this doesn't stop our Ms Lian (our quiet girl) from shaking his bum-bum too. Hahahahah~ Lian, not knowing you are so great in shaking huh! hahahah~

We left around 2:00am, and I slept overnight at Yves's house due to over-excitement. Lian and I do had the plan to sleep over her place anyway. And that's what we did, and you know what? Gals being gals, we chatted for at least 1 hour on the bed about those 2 guys who spent their night with us, gossiping about them, commenting about their look, critisizing their attitude in spending the night with us, browsing the photos we took and fall asleep at 4am++ after ran out of saliva to talk. Hahahhahah~

Ok, before continuing let's view some of the photos taken that night.

Lian with her "dream" man.HAHAHHAHAH~juz kidding..

Group photos

Kissing Yves for filling my friday's night!Ya, I know my lips was pressing on your cheek quite hard! Hahahah~ comment~

I've been figuring and wondering wher did I put my left hand... wtf!

3 of us!! Only 3 of us!

Camwhore with Yves. Nice!


Sexy pose with Lian

Trying to act cute! wtf!!

Lian's face was so red, she was drunk isn't?

Went to Kim Gary @ Jusco Bukit Tinggi for brunch after staying overnight at Yves's house. Called upon Hui Juin to join us too. :) That's end my weekend with my chums.

Thanks guys, for making my day so meaningful!
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  1. HAHAHAHA~ wtf! lian's dream guy! later she tumbuk u baru tau ar! ;p
    so, next time also can kiss me but don press to hard la. i'm not Mr Leong ler.. HAHAHAHA
    Anyway, even though i can't get drunk this time but be sure next round is my turn jor. Lian already plan next round we'll sleep over night at your house! Be prepared then! HAHAHAHAHA~

  2. Teruterubonzu : Hahhah~ Lian wont punch me one....coz it's what she wants ma...:) ANd no problem, you can drunk next time..hahahhah~

  3. so siok.. so many outings.. so many friends..
    all and everything.. show i really got no life.. T_T

  4. Dolly : hahahh~ Nola, all the outings only happended during "cold period". =_____=" I got no life tooooooooo...dont worry......We are in the same boat....

  5. let's go to zouk *rolling eyes*

  6. Yatz : Jom jom~ I'm waiting for you ........Waiting for you nia...when when when??? *rolling eyes back* + *bouncing up and down*