Friday, July 10, 2009

:: Lunch @ Victoria Station, Taipan ::

"Chut Chut.....Ku Chut Ku Chut Ku Chut..." Do I make it train sound enough? wtf~ Lame jokes huh...hahahah~

Why I want to imitate sound train, and why not a car or bicycle sound? It's because we are going to have a lunch in train, yea, in a TRAIN, Victoria Station Train Restaurant to be exact. Our manager, LE decided to gives us a lunch treat for being able to achieve "SILVER" in our last ICC MPC 2009 presentation.

I know, it has been long time from now since the ending of the presentation but due to some reasons we keep on postponed the date for lunch, mainly many of thems fighting to take leave and clash with our planned date. Sighh~~~~ Some of them even inform us a day before the actual lunch day, that he is taking urgent leave. Sighh~~ Anyway, at last we manage to gather all of them in one table to enjoy our "luxurious" lunch.

I remembered my last visit to Victoria Station, is at least more than 10 years back, maybe when I'm at 11 or 12 years old. It was when my family brought me there to celebrate my birthday (if not mistaken). The only memory I had is being a child who know nothing thought the "Victoria Station" stick cannot be taken, thus I had to "curi-curi" bring it out from that restaurant, and happily tell my mom "MOM, YOU SEE, I GET IT OUT SUCCESFULLY! YEAY!!! But, actually, we can take it for our sourvenier. Hahahaha~

Ok, back to our lunch, we reached there around 1pm, and continue to crunch our brain to think of what we should order. Think think..flip flip flip.....ask ask and last, I decided to order one Soup "Brocolli and Shrimp" and Main Course "Buttered Prawn and Chicken Fillet". The soup taste so GREEN and VEGE, so conclusion I HATE IT ..yuckkksss~ I just manage to finish all the SHRIMPS. So, no no BROCOLLI soup for me anymore. Thank you. Heheheh~

Brocolli Soup

Shrimp Soup, So Brocolli Soup + Shrimp Soup = BROCOLLI SHRIMP SOUP

My main course, Buttered Prawns and Chicken Fillet

There are 8 of us, and we were placed in a train-alike area, and we look like having our meal in a train. But the only thing is the air-cond quite warm, so we need eat in a WARM train.. Sighhhhh~ As normal, a boring lunch where ended all of us just eat and drink, then continue with with eating and drinking. =___="

We ended our lunch around 2pm, and went back to contiunur our work as usual. Anyway, Thanks LE for the treat.

Chatting while ordering.

The menu, where is the Victoria Station Logo? Are we in the right restaurant? @_@

Group photo without me, because I hold the camera (cameraman)

Our appetizer and my Ice Lemon tea

GOod? Yeay!

Me with my piece of chicken fillet

Ang, what are you doing with your hand????

Wah liao! Finish those in yourmouth first, Micheal!

Teoh and LE Loi (our Boss!!)

ME with Kah Wai's Dragon Fruit's juice...The color so nice!

Micheal, clean your mouth properly...

Group photo

Another group photo

Anotehr another group photo. Wtf~ So many group photos..

OK! It's my time!!! Go away! The petrol pump is MINE!!!

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  1. waliao~ your boss so generous one!!! Just like my lovely boss,too ^.^

  2. Teruterubonzu : Hmmmmm...ok la...once in a while! She is the Director of our company..I guess it's a small treat for her.. =__="

    Kenwooi: Heheh~ I hope to had Lobster too..wakakkaka~ But, seems like too greedy isn't? :p

  3. why Polly not going wan..
    same boss wat.

  4. Dolly : Oh...same boss, different event ma...itu Polly din join the presentation, so she cant eat RM40 steak, but can only eat RM4 canteen food...hehehe~

  5. aloha to my dear Msia yong si kei^^ how are u?? sorry din get bck to u earlier~~ hmm..i was superb bz during weekdays on working!! Hate weekdays so much!! yiii...dun like u hav any idea how to not Hate my weekdays?? kekeke..dun gv me siao siao ans arr~~

    anyway, wishing ya doing great all the time..Dont become like me-dead fish during weekdays~ kekeke..miss ya!!

  6. Lisa717 : Lisa, i hate weekdays too!!! wtf~ How can i not my weekday too. Any idea? I accept FUNNY and SIAO ideas too! I dont mind! wakakakak~

  7. next time i will bring my girl friend to enjoy food inside train and really romantic one lo

  8. LimPek : ya, for sure she will get "melted"....Errrr...Can I join too? hahahah~

  9. hoi! should invite me leh!! kacang lupakan kulit hahahahah

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Uwa : Hahahahh~ Aisay..yala! should invite u hor....aisay....aisay..I give u LE's phone number ok? Then you can ask her personally to date and belanja you....:p