Monday, July 27, 2009

:: Healthy Day @ Fitness First

Okay, it's time to continue posting about my healthy cum painful day on this month. As mentioned earlier, I registered myself for 2-weeks trial at one of the fitness center at Bukit Tinggi. Thanks to Jusco for giving out the Birthday Voucher, and entitled me and one of my friend for 2-weeks trial at Fitness First Center. I choose Bukit Tinggi branch as it's near to my company and mostimportantly near to Hui Juin's house. KHJ~ See, I'm so good to you hor...So, please quit MAPLE!

And who knows if I'm so keen and determine to continue a healthy life by visiting gym and registere myself for a full-membership-plan. Hui Juin and I has plan everything 2 days before our "big day". And gladly, it went as planned despite of little obstacles here and there. Heheheheh~

We begin our day with early breakfast at Sri Muda, having famous pig-long-fun (chee cheong fun) and ro-bert-kou (carrot cake). I was late approximately for 10 minutes because I was too obsessed with car-washing until under-estimated the time I need to take bath and pack my attire for gym. And ended up, I reached there eating alone as Hui Juin and Meng Liang (Hui Juin's bf) has completed their breakfast without me. And as penalty for being late, I was left with 1/3 plate of carrot cake. Errrr...maybe 1/4. Hahahhaha~

5 pieces of yong tau fu and chee cheong fun~ The sauce taste swwet and delicious.

1/4 plate of carrot cake. And I think I tasted Hui Juin and Meng Liang's saliva too. HAHAHHAHA~ But they taste good! I mean the carrot cake ok! Hahahahaah~

After finishing our breakfast, we moves our butt(s) over to Jusco as we made our appointment for our 1st fitness class at 10:30am, which is "Fitball Core", yoga using a big balloon ball to be specific! I thought it's going to be a very suffering class, as experiences by Hui Juin before. Or somehow to be a rather fun session but the class dissapoint me at the end of the class.

The instructor not encouraging at all, the style of yoga not challenging at all and what pissed me the most is I'm not sweating at all for that 45 minutes session. Wtf~ Sad right? I want to be there to sweat or at least feel suffering! Tsk Tsk Tsk~ Oh ya, Fitball Core is one of "Mind & Soul Exercise". Maybe my mind and soul are strong enough to feel anything. Hahahahah~ *being cocky*

The only thing that I'm happy with is the camwhore session inside the class. =___="

Fitness First, here I come!!! Attack AH!!!!!

Our first class, Fitball Core by MC Toh

Me holding the ball, balloon, air ball...errr..whatever~

Hui Juin + her peace + her ball (I mean the air-ball)

Camwhore ah!!!

My yoga leg with the ball

Others while preparing and waiting for the instructor

I felt so boring after the class, thinking to leave immediately but considering I haven't leave a drop of sweat on my shirt, and ended persuading Hui Juin to join "Group Exercise" as well. But, she did not bring her sport shoe because she thought we will only join "Fitball Core" and leave.

Luckily her house is located nearby so she called Meng Liang to deliver her sport shoe immediately, "Sport Shoe Despatch Boy". Hahhahaha~ After waited for 10 minutes, Meng Liang still yet to arrive with the shoe so she asked me to join without her for the "Body Combat" class. I have no idea what is the class about until I entered and I saw a group of students kicking and punching. Ohhhh~~ It's the kick-boxing class.

This is the 1st time me joining kick-boxing and 1st time kicking the air. And normally, I kick the pillow or kick Leong Khai Lian only. Hehehheeh~ I was suffering for the 1st half, struggling to get enough breath into my lung while need to simultaneously kicking and punching the air. But, I'm so happy as I sweat like nobody business after the session. Yes! That's what I want! SWEAT!!!

And pity Hui Juin, she waited me outside alone, drinking free-flow green tea, reading news paper, and I bet she's peeping at those muscle-bodied-instructor. HAMSAP POH~

And too bad, I can't take much photos as somebody warn us for taking photo at the treadmill area. "Hey, cannot take photos here one!". Wtf~ I punya suka la!!! But, to prevent from being kicked out, I obey and keep my bling bling camera!

Treadmill area - quite empty that time

After the "Body Combat" class, we continue to join "Modern Dancing Class". For the 1st time too, we learn how to dance HIP-HOP dance. Heheheheh~ Too bad, can't snap or shoot any video, else will shoot how shaky Hui Juin's BUM BUM was. Now I know she can shake her hips very well too~ Phewwww wwwiiittt!!!

Wow! Not realizing I've joined 3 classes in a row from 10:30am ~ 11:30am (FitballCore), 11:40am~12:30pm (Body Combat) and 12:50pm~1:30pm (Dancing class). And because of this, it became one of my painful day as my whole body muscles overloaded and I was in pain NOW! wtf~~

I decided not to join for now, as the membership fee quite expensive as compare to others. I will need to pay in advance RM119 (Joining Fees), RM109 (Admin Fees), RM149 (trainer Fess-for booking 1-1 personal trainer for 3 sessions), and monthly RM185 for membership fees! SF expensive~ At least expensive for middle-earner like me.

Since we've spilled most of our sweats and burned portion of our body-calories, now it's time for us to regain back some energy by filling our stomach. Yeay! Eating time~ This time, Hui Juin brought me to Sakae Sushi for late lunch together with Meng Liang who joined us afterwards.

How to order the sushi, click and confirm~ So advance~

The mesmerize couple

The pink plate RM3.90 and red plate RM5.90 sushi

Our "branded" green tea

The food is turning~ And Turning~

The cup looks so cute~ Can I have it? Or steal it? *looking left and right* Ok, cannot~ T___T

Another red plate sushi~

And lastly, my California Hand Roll!

We ate this much~ 2 Red, 4 Pink, 6 Green.

Thank you, and see you again~

Phewwww~ It's been a day, and I'm still suffering due to the body-ache. But, both of us decided to challenge our body again to drop by for Body Pump class tonight! Wish us luck! And I hope I can get more photos today.

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  1. I BOOK FIRST!!!!!


  2. waseh.. u plan to curi curi take picture again ar? =_="

    And I feel tired looking at the classes we've gone through that day and tot of taking back my words about going today. T-T

    and my sushi pic so ugly...!!! dont want take pic post-gym next time...

  3. hey, elaine do u hear b4 shape up dance?

  4. air ball. =.="
    night mare.. night mare.. =.="
    huge night mare, except this night mare is real with blood and sweat..
    torturing than having no nose man dream.

    but very effective though.. i want to go again..
    to get back the muscle i lost.. T__T

  5. Juin : Errr...cannot la...~ Failed again~ Coz don't know how to snap alone while dancing...I want to shoot myself while in the group exercise leh~ How ah?

    Mei : Hmmmm...Not sure...Dance + shape up? How ah?

    Dolly : Hahahah~ Air ball is not challenge to me leh~ I don't have patience one! I want kao kao one~ heheheh~ And I think i also got little mucsle on my stomach also leh~ehehhehe~