Wednesday, July 01, 2009

:: My lurve affair with Mr I & Mr C::

You must be wondering who is Mr "I" and "Mr C"? It should be Mr Leong, isn't it? No no no.....The Mr "I" that am in LURVE with is Mr Internet!! And Mr "C" that I'm in love with is Mr Computer. Yes, you are right? It's the Internet and Computer that I'm in LURVE with.

I can't live without INTERNET, I can't live without a COMPUTER to be specific because without a computer you cannot online. You cannot online without a computer even though you had the wireless modem or Streamyx line with you. So the bottomline is I'M DEEPLY IN LURVE with COMPUTER, even more than loving Leong. wtf!

He is very important to me, I need "him" for my work, I need "him" after my work, I need "him" to kill my free time, I need "him" to be my companion, I need "him" to be with me anytime, anywhere.

I'm spending 9 hours during working facing a COMPUTER, I spend 4~5 hours after working hours facing a COMPUTER. This makes up a total of 14 hours everyday facing a computer. Deducting 8 hours for sleeping left 2 hours to go toilet, taking bath, driving to work, driving back from work, washing car, or eating. How can I not falling into "him" when I'm spending half of my day with "him"? I even sleep with "him", I need "him" even during my "pooing" time. wtf!!

Oppsss...18SX area. Please concentrate on your right hand instead of left side. Mr C, see how you are so important to me!!

I sleep with him, can you see my saliva?

And another prove that I'm in LURVE with computer not only one COMPUTER, not two COMPUTERs but three COMPUTERS at a time. Will you think I am somebody who need to be admitted to Tanjung Rambutan? I only have a pair of eyes and a pair of hand. I can't be using my pair of legs to operate them isn't it? Actually, the pc desktop is my first pc, the bigger notebook is my 2nd notebook given by Mr Leong, and the mini notebook is the new gadget from Mr Leong as birthday present.

Presenting Mr A, Mr B and Mr C!

So, the conclusion is I LURVE them so much! If they are the cup, I will be the water in it. If they are the sky, I would be the cloud staying closely with them. If they are the grass, I will be the sand who make them stand. If they are the poo, I will be the pee!


Done with Mr I and Mr C, let's continue with my new potential lover, Mr LURVE from Twisties. Found this competition through Nuffnang and decided to give it a try. Bought them back, and wondering whether they really taste as good as it looks and advertised?

Camwhore with them before start "biting" them.

Hmmmmm.."You looks handsome *and yummy!* to me!"

Hmmmmm, do you really taste like how you looks like? Will you cheat me, and lie to me? I remember my mum said, "Don't judge a book from it's cover".
Shall I trust you???? Shall I Lurve you???!

Hmmmm, let me try to "kiss" you smoothly, by slowly putting you into my mouth, and being kind~

Arggghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so delicious!!!! I can't stand the temptation for putting more of "you" into my mouth!!! Arggghhh~~ Help me!! They are just too delicious!!!! Help!!!

As conclusion, I found my new lover! Mr LURVE!!!! Muakkkk~~~

And proven they taste greats! Especially the "Hot & Spicy" flavour. I LURVE them! I guess they will be listed into my TOP TEN favourite snacks. I will LURVE Multigrain chips like how I LURVE Mr C and Mr I. Muaksssss~~~

If you want to join the contest (it runs from June 23rd to July 12th), think of your own Lurve affair and write about it!

1. Write a blog post titled ‘My LURVE Affair with XXX’ in your blog. If you could relate your Lurve Affair to the Lurve Multigrain chips, then you have more chances to win!

2. When you’ve published your post, send an email to with the following details - your full name, IC number and the permalink of your written blog post.

*terms and conditions apply* Read more about the contest HERE.
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  1. even during my "pooing" time.

    So big sacrifice ar? Erm.. who took that picture with u wan?

  2. Hahahahah~ u guess la...who take picture for me...Acutally, you can know by seeing the height and the location..wakakakkakak~

    And another thing, I GOT WEAR SHORT (very very short) one ok!!! wtf! you think i so geng chao meh......uhuhuuh~

  3. Ya.. Without Mr.I & Mr.C, many youngster would already die.. me also one of them.. @@"

  4. Elim.. u not youngster already -.-
    hahahaa u are married man liao lol!!
    so u wont die w/o miss IC, u will die w/o miss heng. heheehe

    another Siaw Ching's friend

  5. Elims Chuang 光宏 : ya! Me definitely one of them!! And I still think I'm still in youngster category..

    Anoymous (another Siaw Ching's friend) : Married man = old man is it? How about those who get married at age 18? =___=" Damn..I cannot marry ledi...wahahahah~

  6. LOL wtf..tsk tsk tsk..

  7. Yatz : apa wtf wtf? Heheheheh~ What is that about that make you wtf~~ What make you tsk tsk tsk? hahahahah~ Beh tahan leh!! Got the feel want to come and punch me or not? :p

  8. oh, so you were the girl with purple jacket? how was your screen test?? i totally embarrassed myself!

  9. Nicole : Ya's me =__=" Hmmmmm......i guess me too. I talked to much! And Me myself don't even know what I am talking And what the worst part is I talk for like almost 30mins! about you??

  10. ooo. a lot of guys must be jealous of your comps and those chips. heh.

    and yeah, i was first to enter. too shy, so probably didn't leave much of an impression. ah welll =)

    hope your session went well. all the best =)

  11. Konrad : Hahhh, so are u one of the "guys" then? *blushing* Hmmm...I dont think so, coz you're the 1st one, I guess the remembered you the most! And guess what, you are the only GUY!