Wednesday, July 15, 2009

:: Ichiban Ramen without Mee ::

Had a Saturday lunch with this "celebrity" blogger at Ichiban Ramen which is located at Sunway Pyramid. Before begin, let me explain why I categorize him under "Celebrity" Blogger. It's mainly because it seems like he knew everybody and everybody knew Ya! Everyody (who blog around blogsphere) knew who is The Number One (Ah Yat), a blogger who own a damn long straight black hair and who always carry a DSLR camera around.

*photos credit to Yat*

*Emo him*

And some of them even claimed that his hair is much way better and healthier than gal's one.Wtf~ "Sure or not???" I'm having the same thought as you now, until I saw it that day by my own pair of eyes. You can examine yourself when you see the actual him. *Yat, see I'm giving F.O.C advertisement for you here ok*

What do you think? Can you challenge the length? wtf~ I can't! =__="

Ok, let's begin. The story began when Mr Yat ordered clothes from Trendy Couture for Ms Yat. And last Saturday was the C.O.D date where I need to deliver the stocks to Ms Yat through Mr Yat. Hahahahah~ Sounds confusing huh~ Let me clarify the legend for your better understanding, "Mr Yat = Brother, Ms Yat = sister". Ok? Better now? ^_^ Let's continue...

We agreed to meet at Ichiban Ramen for our virgin lunch since both of us need to eat anyway. =___=" I reached quite early, around 12:45pm and shop/mall-walking considering that I still have time as our appointment is at 1:00pm. At the same time, surveying the location of Ichiban Ramen just to make sure I won't lost looking for it later on. According to the directory, Ichiban Ramen is located at LG2 Lot# 93, inside Makaresh area. So, following the guide I went into the area and walks around to look for the shop! wtf~~~~~ I keep on looking left to right, proceed with right to left, and walks from front to the end of Makaresh area and from end to front but still not manage to find this hidden ICHIBAN RAMEN!

I think the salesgirl/promoters who are selling at the alley's booth must be wondering why this little gal keep walking from front to end, and from end to front again and again. Sigh~~ Yet, still can't find the restaurant. I fed-up and sit at the nearby couch while waiting for any volunteer white-horse-prince to come and save me.

At last, I found my savor, my long-haired-GOD to save me from this restaurant-hunting upon his arrival at 2:00pm. Hahahahah~ =______=" Ya, for your information, he was LATE for 1 hour~ And as a punishment, the lunch treat on him. Yeay!! hahahah~ Sorry la dude, YOU ARE LATE! Kena la punish! So, the morale of the story, don't be late next time! ^_^

He come and fetch me from Wendy's and brought me to Ichiban Ramen which is located few meters away from the Makaresh Area! Abit shame actually, for having someone from KL who rarely drop by Sunway Pyramid and he knows the area better than me who stayed at Klang valley who regularly shops at Sunway Pyramid. *Finding a hole to bury my head*

CILAKA punya directory, KNS punya directory, BABI punya directory, fooling me and wasted my precious shopping time hunting for you! *breath in....breath out...uhhhhhh... ahhhhhhh....calm down...breath in...long breath*

Ok, we started to order and there is a story why i named my post "Ichiban Ramen without Mee". Yat flip the menu around and all out of sudden he told me "Ichiban Ramen cheat people one! Name only Ichiban Ramen, but I can't find any dish with MEE!" Funny isn't it? Ramen = MEE but they are not selling mee? Strange~ But, at last we found one page (at the front) mainly for dishes with japanese mee. Phewww~ Else, Ichiban Ramen will be critized kao-kao in Hahahahhaha~

I ordered Ice Lemon Tea with Chicken Udon Dori (forgotten the actual menu name) while Yat ordered for re-fillable Green Tea with Sapporo Ramen. We had a long chat until we call it off at 6:30pm where both of us rushing for our next appointment. Counting, we chatted for 4 hours and 30minutes! Wtf~ So long! You must be wondering what topics we are into for that period of time. Eager to know? Join him next time, and you'll know! You will have lotz lotz of suprises and entertainment news chatting with him. *Yat, see..another F.O.C advertisement for promoting you*

Anyway, had a great chatting session, and YAT-KOR, thanks for the meal and thanks for the Trendy Couture business too! wakakakakak~

Me with my Chicken Udon Dori & My bling bling camera

Sapporo *if i remembered correctly, Yat is it?*

More photos to be updated soon. Stay tune~~~
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  1. =.="
    ya.. i know him also..
    he was dont know nuffnang which month feature blogger something.
    or kimberly cun's cousin ar? --> not sure.. =.="
    yeah.. he is so fehmes...

  2. Dolly : Yeap..everyone know him! YATZ the ONE! =__=" Fehmes!! WAH!!! I hang out with FEHMES people....yohh!!! WOW!!! YORRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

    *abit exaggerating*

  3. kaw kaw..
    *ahem* FYI dolly..i'm not kimberlycun's cousin..that's just a joke we made at the StandOut I've known her long before we started blogging..

    nola where got fehmes =_____=

  4.'s called Sapporo..not Sapori..LOL =______=

  5. Yatz : Ya! I promote you kaw kaw here! So what I will get as compensation? heheheh~

    Ok ok, will change to SAPPORO later on! hahahahh~