Saturday, July 18, 2009

:: Wonderful Relaxing Day::

It's been a really wonderful and relaxing day for me! Which day? What day? It's 17th July 2009, where Hui Juin and I took leave on Friday to spend our lady-day-outing with many fun and relaxing activities.

There is a reason why both of us take leave on the same day.

First of all, Spansion is on it's execution for cost-saving management to "encourage (more to force)" staffs for compulsory/mandatory unpaid leave as contribution to help in global-cost-saving plan. If the staff decided to take 1 day unpaid, company will bear 50% of it, means we will be deducted only HALF-DAY salary for FULL-DAY leave. So, very "pen dan" for not utilizing it isn't?

Second, we really need a break after going through so much of things recently. This including serious heart-break-case, the increase in workload since the resignation of one of our colleague, and many more.

Thirdly, we want to snake la of course! wtf! This one very obvious right? =___=" Nola, we need to fully utilize our unpiad leave, so we must plan and execute well. Ok, let's view our planned itenerary for the day.

1st Draft Itinerary
Spend a night at Hui Juin's house
Pyjamas Fashion Show
Morning Pig-Long-Fun (chee cheong Fun) breakfast
Dental Visit to clean our teeth
Movie Time Ice Age 3D
Shopping Time
Dinner Time @ Asia Cafe
Dessert Time @ SnowFlakes

That would be the planned itenerary, and God knows that somehow showhere it did not goes as it plan!

Actual Itinerary
Spend a night at Hui Juin's house
Pyjamas Fashion Show We had no SEXY LACY pyjama, so plan cancelled!
Morning Pig-Long-Fun (chee cheong Fun) breakfast We are late! Pig-long-fun finished ledi!
Dental Visit to clean our teeth
Movie Time Ice Age 3D
Shopping Time
Dinner Time @ Asia Cafe
Dessert Time @ SnowFlakes

Let's start the journey of our relaxing leave day! I reached Hui Juin's house on Thursday night at 7:30pm and we decided to drop by Bukit Tinggi for our dinner cum supper. Damn! We ordered so many foods, and we fully filled our stomach, until the extend Hui Juin claim that the food is flowing out from her eyes =___=" And sadly, we are too tired for the pyjamas party, and we off to bed at 12am, after Hui Juin finished mapling and pakto with her Maple God!

Fried Tauhu


Vietnamese Chicken Rice

Terbalik Dessert ..hahahah~ Nola...forgotten to rotate the photo. Please turn your eye ball. Thank you for your co-operation. =__="

Kringg!!! The alarm rang on Saturday at 7am, and we continue to snooze it until 8am. We off to take turn to take bath and finishing off our morning with MAKE UP session!

2 ladies make up! =__="

There we go...Our result for the day. Did we make up anyway? wtf~

Originally, we plan to get our delicious breakfast at this special chee cheong fun stall, and who knows they were sold out at the time of 10am!! wtf~~ So fast~ So we had to execute our plan B to have Pan-mee at nearby restaurant~ Sighhh~~ But the pan mee taste great too! Yeayy!!

Our delicious Pan Mee Goreng

Hui Juin ejoying the pan mee!

After finishing our Plan B breakfast, we need to rush to our next plan, "Dental Visit to CLEAN OUR TEETH". We made appointment at 11am originally, and due to some technical issues we only manage to reach at 1200pm! Obviously, we are lost thanks to "great" direction from the nurses there. wtf~

Let's enjoy some of "anxious" and "stress" moments in the operation room! Oh ya, another great thing is we were given LARGE Sensodyne toothpaste and LARGE bottle of LISTERINE and all of them are F.O.C!! hahahahah~

Starting with Hui Juin, then follows by me!

Say "AHHHHHHH" She's enjoying isn't?

But the leg betrayed her! She is "stressed"

Damn! I hold my own hand so hard! So tiring!

Can you guess how i felt that time???? Sorry for being SF Fugly here =__="

All was shown on my legs! =__="

After finished cleaning our few years plague, we off to One Utama for our Movie time, ICE AGE III, and we decide to watch it 3D! Our virgin experience for wearing 3D glass for 3D movie. Feel so excited, until the extent camwhore with the glasses! wtf~ we are so kampung! But, not that impressing after experienced it as it looks normal to both of us. Maybe it's just animated cartoon which does not create special effects.

Hui Juin queing to buy drinks!

Acting buying tickets for GOLD CLASS...actually, we are not...

My turn!

That's the 3D glass we rent for RM5 each!! SF expensive! No next time! =__="

Hui Juin with Harry Porter Board!!

Ice Age III : We are coming!!!

Ok, our shopping day begin after finishing the movie around 4pm. We realize we are so damn tired to walk around (and Hui Juin started to act like dead fish) and to revive the dead fish, we decided to stop and rest our ass/butt at Baskin Robin enjoying the yummy delicious ice-cream. See, we are so happy isn't it??? hahahah ~~

Me choosing the flavor many choices.....

hmmm...yummmyyyyy BR Ice-cream~

Hui Juin with the same ice-cream as mine....Yala! we share the same ice-cream ma =__="

Last but not least, we off to get our dessert at SnowFlakes Dessert house which is located at SS15, Subang jaya. Meeting up with Lian and Yves for our sourvenier collection day! Yves bought us some sourvenier from Korea! Awww So sweet of her! Thanks Yves!! We continue our 2nd session at Asia Cafe as many customers are chasing us out from the table which we are occupying that time, as we use the time to camwhore instead of eating dessert. Wtf~ Kita punya suka la, want to stay untill what time! Grrrrrrr~~~ But, we surrender anyhow at the end, being watched by all others. Cis~

We switched to Asia Cafe to get out late supper. We ordered one large Spaghetti Caborana and share among all! Yummy and cheezy spaghetti~ Have a short chat-chatting session too update each others status and news! Fuhhh~~ I was exhausted for sure, and reach home at 1100pm, completing my relaxing day! Thanks Hui Juin and all for filling up my days! Luv you all!

Photo shoot :)

Camwhore with the lantern?Wtf~ We like camera so much!

Hui Juin's turn!

yeay! My turn!

Ladies group photo


Santa Rina for the day! Presenting Yves Chew~

Lian with all the KOREAN wine cups

I choose this one

Hui Juin choose this one

Yau Yeng Hui Juin with the Grass Jelly with Taro Ball @ Rm5.50

Me with Grass Jelly with Taro Ball @ Rm5.50 & Soya Ice with Peanuts and Redbean @ RM4.90

Grass Jelly with Taro Ball @ Rm5.50

Soya Ice with Peanuts and Redbean @ RM4.90

Our caborana~ Looks yucks from it's look isn't? But taste great!

Lian with the medium watermelon juice & Yves with medium KAT CHAI SUIN MUI (sweet sour plum juice)

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  1. yoh~~ si Polly~~
    why we never tried make up before go out??!!!
    yoh~~ so siok~~~
    and hahahah.. the legs..
    i want go for dentist also.. but here no one teman me.. T-T

  2. Si Elainelly... -.-
    lucky din post my SF ugly pic....

    See I purposely wake u to check!!!

  3. !!!!

    (and Hui Juin started to act like dead fish)



  4. Dolly : I can accompany come to KL la....i accompany you, then take picture for you tooo..heheheh~

  5. Juin : Yes!!! You are!! like!! a!! dead fish!!! hahahahah~

  6. Polly : Seee...proven that i am right...all photos are nice!! right???

  7. kesian... seems pain ya~~

    I know a dentist in kepong, very good service.

    My cousin sister even spend her time come along from Spore just to get his dental service, not caring the cost~ @@"

    I can recommend you if you want. It is located near Kepong McDonald, Kentucky, Perfection Tuition Centre - Dentist Ong. He is very friendly, gentle and kind man~ You can try him out~

    Have a nice day ya~ ^_^