Friday, July 03, 2009

:: A night @ Asia One, Puchong ::

It’s been sometime since my last yum cha session with them. Maybe I spent too much time being with him previously, causing me to neglect some of my friends or families. Realizing this, I started to join their ad-hoc yum cha session, knowing I should have my colorful life instead being a routine life.

Ok, don’t start emo’ing and continue with our session at Asia One, Bandar Puteri Puchong. It was Monday, where I just finished washing my Vivi *again* and just realizing Yves’s miss-call on my phone, and called back.

After being scolded complained for few minutes for not answering phone, she told me Lian and her plan to meet up for yum cha session at Bandar Puteri Puchong. I hesitated in the beginning, considering that I do not know how to go PUCHONG from my house. Wah liao! Then only I realizing I am so stupid for being so dependent on him, without taking the opportunity to learn. I tried recalling the way to go to Puchong from my visit with my auntie uncle last week, and decided to give it a try despite of the risk for getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Thank GOD, I manage to find it and it’s not as hard as I imagine. I’m independent now! Hahahahahah~

Ok, we spent our Monday night at Asia One Café, mostly camwhoring at the corner table that we occupied. We took 90++ pictures for only with 3 hours there. Amazing right? And most of time, we place the camera on top of the glass, set the timer, pose, and chik~~chak~~. I bet someone (the waitress, waiters, chefs, or guests) will treat us as crazy women who had nothing to do but went Asia One to camwhore.

We even had more than 10++ for NG shots, mostly me having weird pose and movement. Wtf! I’m so creative! Hahahahah~

But who care, as long as we are happy! Lian, Yves, right??

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. clap clap clap..
    Elaine "hou yeah... "
    i am still the same "dependent".

    err.. who took the pic for 3 of u ar? =.="

  3. HAHAHA~ i didn't scold u wor..just complaining nia ma.. later your readers tot me so garang ler!
    Yeah~ had fun and clap clap for our ad hoc session!

  4. Dolly : *high five* hahahaah~ We put the camera on the glass, and set timer lor...geng chao leh!! So you can imagine we keep on posing, keep on setting the camera, keep on smiling, keep on taking pictures....hahahah~

  5. Teruterubonzu : Hahahah~ Ok, u din scold me..i should rephrase "It's just complaining nia". U read again, i re-phrase accordingly already...

    Hahahahahaah~ *clap clap clap* More in future huh......Another meeting for camwhore-MANIAC like us....

  6. aiyoyoh~~ our dearest Msia Yong Si kei look funny during the NG session eh~~ kekkee..

  7. Lisa717 : hhahahah~ funny right? still got more...but i think enough with 3 of the most funniest one.. :)