Thursday, July 09, 2009

:: I was called for The LURVE screen test ::

Wtf~ I was so shocked to receive a phone call from Robb, Nuffnang BRE (Blogger Relation Executive) today's afternoon notifying me that I was shortlisted as the potential winners for The LURVE contest. For those who follows should know that I blogged about The LURVE here, and submitted my not-so-creative post to Nuffnang for participation. Click HERE to read my post ok!

Basically, for your information, the competition works this way. Based on the creativity of submitted entries, 6 bloggers will be shortlisted for an audition with 8TV. And upon that, 3 bloggers will be selected to shoot their Lurve Affair video. They will be interviewed on TV and given a chance to campaign for their Lurve Affair video. The Lurve Affair video with the highest number of votes on the Lurve Facebook Fanpage will win the Grand Prize.

So not sure I'm listed in that 1st round of 6 bloggers or just a random picks for random screen test. =_________=" Completely blurred and shocked upon getting his phone call. Ok, let's continue....

Robb told me to attend "screen test" this coming Thursday at Media Prime (next to One Utama mall). Frankly, not knowing what is a screen test so I googled "What is screen test" and found out that screen test is a method of determining the suitability of an actor or actress for performing on film and/or in a particular role.

And has been thinking for few hours, thinking more deeply and deeply, screen test means I will be acting? I will be watched by hundreds pairs of eyes? I will need to memorize a script to act? Do I need to cry in front of people? Do I need to act stupid in front of director? wtf~~ More and more questions popping from my brain now... Do I have the look to be an actor? Do I have the potential to act infront of people? Do I need to do a plastic surgery of myself to appear in front on mon (monitor)? Do I have I just can't stop thinking..

Actually, to be frank to you and myself, I don't think I have the quality (means my look what else!!!) to appear on TV as people tends to look FATTER on screen and originally I look chubby already even behind screen, but when considering I'm 2Xth this year, and this might be an experience also what. I never attend any so-called "screen test" before, and no harm trying and no harm if being treated as clown. Hahahahahah~ And it won't be broadcast to TV anyhow, right? So, I decided to give it a try, I mean accepted the invitation for the "screen test" and treat it as my Thursday's night activity. Do you think I should go? Or should I stay?

Oh ya...BTW, the grand prize for this competition is MacBook and 4 minutes personal air-time slot on 8TV for our LURVE affair. In short, appearing on TV for 4 minutes. So how is it? Attractive enough?

Who knows some advertisement company may interested of my chubiness and hire me for their weight-loss advertisment? Or maybe slimming company would like to get me as ambassador for their slimming center and I will ge given free-slimming treatment? And who knows I will be meeting another white-prince-horse and marry me so I will become "rich" indirectly? Or who knows I can act, and became popular and quit as IT engineer and continue getting income by acting Beh tahan with myself already....HAHAHHAHAHAH~ Dreaming too much~

How about you? Will you go?

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  1. =.=”
    if me, I wont go. =___=”, because I am shy and anti-social like that..
    If u, I will ask u to go… =___=”
    Aiya.. don’t worry, some fat, not so pretty ppl also can appear in TV la.. so no prob for u also..
    So, I vote for GO!!!!!!!

  2. Dolly : Wah yourself dowan to go, but ask me go? =___=" go there need to pretend clown one.....Polly, you accompany me go ah!!! can, since we take leave on Friday also.. :) Can?

  3. To avoid being asked by u means u are not pretty and fat by my last comment..
    I revise to..
    Some fat and not so pretty ppl also can appear in TV la.. u are cute and pretty, so no problem for u la………


  4. okie tsl~
    i bring laptop and u lend me the wireless.. u can take all the time u want there! whahhahaha.. but u sure can bring ppl with u or not 1? @.@


  5. Donna : Wow! U so LIU KAI me, know what I wan to say and think...tsk tsk tsk...~~~~ Then now i got nothing to say ledi lor..??? @___@

    Polly : Hahahah~ Ok, I can bring...but you must be with me also la..just incase they need pairing casting I can drag u along...ahahahhah~

  6. congrats...grab the chance sis....

  7. Yeah! YOU shud GO! If I were YOU, I'll go, TOO!!!!
    Deng deng! I'll soon have a STAR FRIEND.. ^.^

  8. Stephanie : Thanks sis! But i manyak takut oh!! U know la, I anti-social one...=_____=" And what to wear for casting??

    Teruterubonzu : Aiyoh.....manyak takut la..hahahah~ What to wear? Any idea?? Not yet be a star la......=__="

  9. go la.. good experience!
    i didnt participate.. so no worries =P

  10. Kenwooi : *Phewwwww* Luckily you didn't participate! Else, sure I will need to show all my fake fugly "acting" for you to see.... Anyway, thanks for your "go la" encouragement.wakaka~