Wednesday, July 01, 2009

:: Linkwithin ::

Found this widget while browsing around other's blog, and I always wanted to put this into my blog post, just to allow people to navigate more on my previous posts, instead of viewing latest post.

LinkWithin provide you with the easiest way to get this widget installed on your blog by only entering your email, blog URL and your blog type (either is Blogger, WordPress or others).

Once you proceed to install this widget on your blog automatically, you will need to drag the widget to your prefered location, either below each post, as side bar, or on top of each post. Just drag it to whereeven you want. Simply isn't it? The click "Save".

And once you saved the setting, and in a split of seconds, "taa~~daaaa~, the widget showing your random related post will appeared on your blog.

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  1. =.="
    but if no picture post leh?

  2. Dolly : I guess it will not pick post without picture =____="

  3. Elims Chuang 光宏 : Ya ! agreed, sometime it bring outs some old random post. Make me want to click it and recall. :)