Thursday, July 23, 2009

:: Stay Tuneeeee ::

Will provide some sypnosis on few events that I plan to join this few days.

Will spend a night outing at joining Yves and her friends's monthly clubbing activity.

This will be my 1st time dropping by MOS (Ministry Of Sound) other than BarCerlona, The Flame and QBar.

Had a bit of confusion to differentiate Euphoria or MOS, and after further clarification with Yat, now only I know Euphoria = MOS. So no confusion anymore! Yeay!

We plan to be there on Thursday as known, Thursday is Ladies Nite where ladies (Hello! I am still lady OK! wtf~) will get some complimentary drinks/free flow drinks/waved-cover charge/or whatever benefits which only served ladies.

Most importantly, the place will br crowded with majority ladies and not "ham sap-gia". Ya, you might think those horny guys likes to drop by on ladies night knowing alot of ladies will spend free-night-outing there, but somehow rather lesser as compare to normal weekend. *cross fingers*

Stay tune for update on this ~

Let's proceed with next planned event. For those who not aware, I got a Jusco Vouchers Booklet for my birthday last month. This booklet consists of discount/cash vouchers from pre-selected Jusco outlets.

And this included Fitness First by giving FOC Complimentary 2 weeks membership to access nearest Fitness First Center. So, what am I waiting for? Grab this chances to go and shake my bum bum la! FOC some more! hahahah~

Made appointment on this coming Saturday morning, and we will join the 1st class on "Fitball Core" where we will use a big air-bouncing balloon for yoga (as describe by Hui Juin and the consultant). Damn~ Never tried it before, wondering can I stand with it since I'm in sport-hibernating mode since few years back.

Another great thing is I can bring one friend along for this, and who else, I've choosen Hui Juin since she need exercise not because she's fat (fyi, she's not fat at all ok!! ^_^) but because she's crazy with Maple.

She can stop eating because Maple, she can stop bathing because Maple, she can stop drinking because Maple. So, being such a great friend, my misson is to save her from Maple hell! Hahahahah~

OK la..till here, and stay tune for more update news and event ! Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!
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  1. ya.. STUPID MAPLE..
    ruining ppl life and ppl's friend ears..

  2. wtf~ =.=
    I bath, eat and did everything earlier because of Maple leh!!


    Maple is good...

  3. And FARK~!!! The Balloon???!!!!!
    Damn tiring wan I tell u.. I almost died inside when I first went in with HJ and her sis. Then the trainer was also damn stupid, when tired sure the face all seem like terrible where u squeeze everything together, like placed your eyes on nose area, and nose on mouth area, and mouth need to concentrate making sound out like “Yii~~ii~~~iiiiii”.. then the stupid trainer said feel like punch the face when he sees ppl like that.

    Eh.. but really useful la.. like every of your muscle was being exercised and I even got 2 clearly small muscles in my stomach there edi.. Instantly effective! Last time I was skinny and no flab in my tummy la..

    Then the next day, will feel like every inch of your bone is torn edi.. and cannot use squat toilet bowl, u will cry if u try to bend down..

  4. Dolly : Wah! Can you remove that comment? Later Hui Juin got scared and run away!! hahahahh~ Hmmmmm......suffering? a challenge! hahah~ KHJ! You dont run!! come back!! Come back!! WOI!!!

    Juin : just dont eat properly because of Maple, you dont bath properly because of Maple...Coa u are rushing to ON and LOGIN to maple. =_="

  5. aiya...why never choose me ar?? :P

  6. waliao! help me to promote my monthly activity tim, wtf!

  7. runing away already....... *wave hand*

  8. Stephanie : Errrr...youi got time mou sin? heheheh~

    Teruterubonzu : Yeap! Geng chao? So everyone will know u and me kaki clubbing liao *cis~ *

    Ano (Hui Juin) : Aiii~~ Sighhh~ Don't run, come back *sob son*

  9. elaine.. no need sob.. =.="
    last time i went together with huijuin wan..
    come, i help u catch her..

    "hee.. haa... pling plang.."
    fuh.. finally,
    * tied her with a rope and bring back to Elaine..

  10. Dolly : THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! *hugz* LURVE YOU SO MUCH, for bringing Hui Juin back to me~ *THANK GOD!!!!* ALiluya~