Tuesday, July 14, 2009

:: Regret :

Regret, my biggest regret where I've eaten the whole bar of Cadbury's chocolate. I just feel so sad and down yesterday, so I purposely went to Giant to get this chocolate bar while on the way back from work. I bought Hazelnut chocolate bar which cost me at RM4.90 and guess what, I ATE ALL OF THEM IN 10 MINUTES!

Wtf~ This time sure FAT gila la! Why we will tends to crave for sweet things when we are not happy? Not sure about you, but I do. And I feel want to eat ice-cream now while writing up this post. Elaine!! Cannot, you must stand of the SWEET gian, else you will gain 3~5 kgs easily. STOP IT now!

But back to the question, why our brain's nerve will send a signal to us to grab something sweet? And there is a legend saying that you can calm yourself down when you eat chocolate. I did that before entering exam hall (during study time), but stop practising that few years back after I left college. =___=" And most importantly CHOCOLATE is damn FATTENING! So, trying to quit eating chocolate! heheheheh~

But who knows, I eaten the WHOLE BAR, i mean the whole chocolate bar! wtf~ I never experiences finishing the whole bar of chocolate, normally will just get few boxes of the chocolate bar. I guess I really damn emo and sad, and not noticing or realizing that I've eaten more than what I should. Sighhhhh~ I guess need to stop eating lunch and dinner today to cover the fatness of the whole chocolate bar. Sighhh~


"Acting" emo while eating chocloate!! Hahahahah~

Alot of comments claiming that chocolate is good for health, I don't believe and google to confirm, and found IT IS! *speechless* =________="

Is Chocolate good for health? Source ~ About.com Nutrition

Question: I've heard that chocolates are very bad for you. That people hurt in their joints if they continuously eat a lot of it. Why is this? Is it true? Why is it addictive?

Chocolate has antioxidants, which may be good for your health.Photo © Adam Ciesielski

Answer: Chocolate will not damage your joints. Being overweight will hurt your joints. So, if a person is overweight and eats lots of chocolate, he may blame the chocolate. But it is really due to the fact that he consumes too many total calories each day. There is, however, the possibility that a person could be allergic to some ingredient in a chocolate candy bar which could cause some swelling.

Actually, a little bit of chocolate may be good for you. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that are good for your health. Unfortunately, chocolate treats and candy usually have lots of sugar and fat that may add extra calories you probably don't need. But you only need about 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate each day.

Chocolate lovers enjoy both the flavor and the feeling of chocolate melting in their mouth. This combination of taste and texture make chocolate a favorite form of "comfort food." Perhaps chocolate is not physically addicting, but it can be emotionally addicting when you enjoy this comfort food too often.

There are some interesting chemicals naturally found in chocolate. Xanthine, which is like caffeine, can make a person feel jittery. Theophylline will stimulate the central nervous system, relax the bronchi in the lungs and your blood vessels. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is similar to amphetamine. PEA reproduces the feeling someone has when he or she falls in love. So maybe chocolate may help soothe a broken heart.

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  1. i tried finishing the whole bar of chocolate before too~ and i felt guilty for eating too much. hehe!

  2. Chocolate is good for health! Just don't over eat. 1 bar in a million years like u is ok I guess! So dont worry & go lunch with me!!!! >.<

  3. aiyooo, TSL...pe...lissss... ....la... can die mou?

  4. Sasa : Ya! U understand me the most! the feeling of regret and guilty! sigghhhh~

    Juin : Chocolate is good for health? mana u ciluk this fact one? Sure or not??? Sure ah? Then I'll go for lunch ge la.....*sure regret after eating lunch*

    Steph : Errrr...will not die geh....But FEI SEI (FAT DIE) lor.....U know how boxes (small square) of chocolates in a bar or not?? aiyoma......*hide at a corner and feeling guilty*

  5. ya... it's proven facts that eat chocolate is good for health.... go google n see

  6. Steph : T_______T Yes, googled, and CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR HEALTH!!! wtf~ what fact is that! It MUTS be a trick from the choc company to trick people to buy and eat more.. hahahahh~

  7. Yo~~~ JK email sucks big time.. =.=".. See.. I am not the first commenter liao.. T____T

  8. Dolly : So, you fight to become the 1st everytime? =___=" You lost today! next trial babe! hahahh~

  9. heh. as you mentioned in your post, dark chocolate is good for health. cadbury chocolate is 50% sugar and fat. or more. heh. so decide for yourself whether or not the 'proven fact' that chocolate is good for health applies here =)

    (but it's ok to indulge once in a while laaa)

  10. God!!! I love chocolate too eventhough it's fattening!!! Not only chocolate, i am a fans of ice cream especially when i am emo. I think sweet food does make me feel better.

  11. Konrad : Decide myself? Means I need to eat as much as possible, to see whether it prove healthy? Then potentially becoming a FAT ELAINE then...yeeeeeeee* I DONWAN to risk my life!!!

    Chili Crab: Ya weo! Choco can make someone has when he or she falls in love~ So funny oh....So, if your bf leaves you alone, GRAB CHOCOLATE!

  12. hahaha, that's not that much laa, i used to eat like bigger bars of Van Houten a couple of times per week! but really, Cadbury chocs are much sweeter, try to consume dark ones? dark chocs contain more antioxidants and less fat..

  13. I like eating chocolate too... don't care it's bad for us or not, but just assume it's good lar. haha. :)

  14. At least make us happy while eating, right?

  15. Nicole : Van Houten less sweet and abit bitter for me as compare to Cadbury one. Normally will get Cadbury's one.. Wokkayy~ Will try Van Houten next time. :)

    IreneLim : Hahaha~ "Assume it's good", I like your style!! Somekind of pycho/hipnotize ourself is it..hahaha~