Monday, July 20, 2009

:: H1N1 Flu attack!!! ::

As self-descriptive on my blog post, I had a flu, a semi-serious flu since yesterday mid-night until this morning. The bad thing, I had make an appointment to send my baby Vivi for a fixing early morning this morning. It is because "he" made alot of noises recently especially the rear passenger back door, and the passenger seat next to me. I just can't stand of the "ngik ngik nguk nguk" sound produced from both of this area.

Ok, back to my flu. Don't worry, I'm not having any fever, bone-pain, or any other symptoms of getting H1N1. Chooiiiiii~~ I think I am purely infected by flu-virus and my nose is little bit sensitive. So I guess I am safe! Omitofu~ Aliluya~ Amin~ whatever la...

I'm a heavy user of TISSUE when comes to flu. I can simply use up to a box (maybe) or few packs of tissue. Just not sure why I have so much of mucus flowing out from my nose, non-stop. It's like opening a water pipe, open to the max, and failed to turn back to off it. Damnnnn~~ *sniff sniff*

My nose "wastage"

I'm sure all people will treat me as somekind of alien from somekind of planet, the aliens who is having a big nose (humpppp..i had a quite big noss though) with non-stop flowing water from the two holes. wtf~ What I am talking about....please bear with me, it's the side effect of flowing too much of mucus from my nose. My brain started to malfunction and turn up-side down.

Updates @ 9:57am

Still waiting patiently at the waiting area while surfing and updating blog. This is life blog, really..I blog while waiting. =__="

I'm watching my baby being torn off piece by piece, just to check what goes wrong, what went loosen, what went missing . Sighhh~ And luckily Mr I and Mr C are here to be my companion, else I will die of bored! The technician (I assume) spray some liquid to my window, they bang my door again and again, they removed the back plate number again and again (I guess they found out that's the root cause of the noisy sound from the back), they punch here and there to check the origin of the noise and they also removed my side-mirror. Sighh~

Just hope everything goes well, and I can enjoyed my driving time with QUIET baby. *praying hard* OMITOFU..ALILUYA.....AMIN.....

The waiting area....Old and outdated magazine

Not meant to take photos of those "guys" but to take my baby at the back of the mirror (the white object).

And my MR Computer...Awwww~ I lurve you baby! hehehehe~

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  1. I also same v u today..bad flu. So geram u working somemore wan to pack wan tan. haih, so cham. Now juz ate panadol & betafed. Hope tml better lor. takecare yah.

  2. Mei : Ya serious flu... =__=" My nose almost being tear off from my face.....but get betetr now already.. Thanks.. You take care too.. :)