Tuesday, July 21, 2009

:: Apple Shaving ::

I’m having Tuesday Blues, as I took leave yesterday and starting my 1st day working on Tuesday instead of Monday. In addition, had a bad weekend, thus increasing the level of “blues” today. I got nothing to do, or does not have the mood to do, or feel boring to do, or whatever….Just feel so lazy *hopefully my boss did not get to read this post*

So, I asked Hui Juin:

Conversation between HuiJuin and Elaine

Elaine : Kunghuijuin, I’m so sien…
KungHuiJuin : What can I do?
Elaine : I don’t know.
KungHuiJuin : I have 1 karipap (which she bought early morning)
Elaine : I also have 1 karipap, and 2 apples too.
KungHuiJuin : Then go and shave apple using your white teeth.
Elaine : Huh?
KungHuiJuin : Shave then take photo, then eat it!

OK! And that’s what I did since I clean my teeth last week. I guess I have enough teeth power to shave the apple! And shaving apple using teeth is a good practice to clean each and every “biji” of my teeth while using up my time doing something. I’m trying to shave some word from the apple actually, maybe a symbol but failed to do so. So ended up, I shave all of them, and left the “wat lut lut” body of the apple.

Before Shaving

After Shaving..~~ Clean isn't it? Hahahahahahah~ wtf~~~ ya ya.....I ps the photo....=___="

The skin taste bitter and does not taste good without the body. But, I only use less than 5 minutes to shave all of them. And I guess I need to bring more apples to work to utilize my “free” or “blues” time. I brought 3 apples to work today, shave 2 and left 1 to be shaved after lunch. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, while I ate 3 apples in a day. Does that mean I will not have the chances to apply for medical leave (ML) for the rest of my life, if I constantly eating 3 apples a day?? Wtf~~ I want to get sick! I want to take MC! I want to snake! *tapping legs* I WANT I WANT!!

Before - attached red skin

Ta~Daaa~~~ Wat Lut Lut skin!!! Phewww wwwitt!!

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  1. =.="
    u shave the skin with your teeth ar? =.="
    Polly stupid idea.. HAHAHAHA..

  2. Dolly : Ya...abit stupid, so that's why i BLOG about it..hahahah~ But ok la!! Amazing right!! hahahah` Going to shave the 3rd one.. =_="

  3. Did you eat the skin? -.-

  4. Juin : Yes! I ate them =___="

  5. celaka!! I nearly got a heart attack in such early morning with the shaving styleo of you!

  6. You have a weak heart... =.=

  7. yeah.. =.="
    read this post every morning to strenghten your heart..=.="

  8. Taufulou : Hahaha~ But why kena heart attack leh? The most go to toilet and vomit only ma..hahahah~

    juin & dolly : Thanks to Polly (Juin) for the ideas~ So, Taufulou can use it as heart treatment every morning. hahaha~

  9. Meiyi : heheheheh~ Shocked? Got heart attack like what TauFulou claimed or not? heheheh~

  10. You are really funny la~~ hahahaha~~

  11. elaine: i do eat healthily and exercise regularly.. thus - i dont have a weak heart yet. :P:P:P
    but i was *shocked*

    really cant imagine you would actually Post it up.. *gross*

    what's next?
    gold digging aH?