Monday, July 06, 2009

:: Money from the sky::

MONEY FROM THE SKY? There is really money dropping from the sky????

Yes! There is! The story began when my dad bought his lorry's number for Magnum's lottery, number as *ABCD (not to be disclosed for safety purpose). When the actual numbers being picked,he immediately know that none of his numbers hit the jackpot without even need to look at the lottery tickets that he bought earlier. So, my dad normally will keep the lottery tickets one day ahead, and will have last glance on the lottery numbers while cleaning the OUTDATED lottery tickets out from his wallet.

All out of sudden, my dad shouted to my mom loudly "Ekkkkk!!! How come like this?!!!!!!!!", and me who are surfing upstair also shocked upon hearing that. And I think I heard they argue about the lottery tickets and in few blink of eyes, mom was in my room and said anxiously while holding a lottery ticket, "Ling, open the lottery website and check the number!"

Me who still blurred on what's happening, on my pc (which just turn off) and check the website. Mom starting to tell me the whole story once she settle down while waiting the page to load. Dad who originally thought he bought ABCD, and originally thought ABCD is the number which the operator keyed in, and originally thought he missed all the numbers. But all out of sudden, the number was printed wrongly ABCE, and guess what, ABCE hit the 1st prize, and my dad "buta-buta" kena 1st prize. Even though it's a small bet but it's a suprise for him and it's something to celebrate.

Congratulation Dad! And guess what, dad treat all of us for a dinner at V-Garden for this SURPRISE! Sharing is caring isn't? :) Thanks dad!! Wish you to hit another round of suprise next time and next time and next time and next time...and *infinity*

Let's view some of the photos taken during the yummy and delicious lunch!

Mummy and Sandra (with her stonned look)

One of the event for the day - KARAOKE Session with ONLY ONE singer, Madam Ong

Piu Kor and Piu Mui - wondering will they be a couple in future just like n the movie? hahahah~

1st Dish - "Tea Pot Yu Chi" - by using a tea-pot-alike to contain the soup and the ingredients RM18 per pot

Amanda likes to drink "sirip yu tea"


Pork with "Man Tou"

Five Season Combination "Em Fuk lam Mun"

Dessert for the day

Everybody is toasting the "tea"

Can you see the "sirip yu" on my hand?

Hahahahah~ Shin Ru so funny with her loud laugh!

Another shot with Sin Ru and her mother

OK, Amanda's turn. She's getting taller and taller, means I'm getting older and older =___="

Aiyo, Shin Ru, close your mouth please....ahahahah~

Hmmmmm......KFC (in yell0w) too hungry to move around i guess

Playing around with the babies

They just can't stop playing with the babies. Why nobody playing with me?????Because I'm not a baby???~ Sighh~

This is the jackpot that we collected, for guessing the last number on the receipt, RM10!!!

Cis~ KFC guessed the number correctly! Number 5!

P/S: KFC = means Kau Fu Jai, he is the older god-brother of my mom.

Thanks Dad!
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  1. Hopefully luck will keep following 'us' (our family members) :)

  2. Steph : Ya ya ....Omitofu...Aliluya...Amin........I also hope to kena also........MALI-MALI HUM!!! hahahah~

  3. Waliao! So geng chow! So easy to kena one kah?! mmm my dad also like tat de wor.. only we the youngster buy die die also hard to kena one =__="

  4. Teruterubonzu : Maybe God give them chances to kena, knowing we youngsters being GREDDY! hahahah~ But I buy also RM1 (big) RM1 (small) only la.....heheheheheh~

  5. oOOoOoOo.. meant U also got kena la! no wonder so generous to spend us McD tat nite la!!! Hahahahahaha

  6. Teruterubonzu : Wtf!!! NO leh!! I wish I can kena also!! Cilaka you, I treat u all eat not because i kena lottery leh!Because of the appreciation....hahahahah~

    I meant, normally I buy RM1-RM1 only, kena also not big one ke la....So, means I'm not as greedy as YOU!! :p

  7. Damn~ who told u I buy BIG BIG ar.. I also buy RM 1 - RM5 like tat only lar! But very rare la.. Not like u la..alwis buy.. sikit sikit slowly jadi bukit lo!

    Okie okie.. sorry for my "misunderstanding"! arigatoh for your sincere treatment to us, wtf!

  8. Teruterubonzu : Ok Ok! I also very rare buy one. So we sama-sama not GAMBLING GHOST ok? But kena also no harm right! hahahah~