Thursday, July 23, 2009

:: 1-2-Zoom ::

Burrppp~ I just finished my "luxurious" lunch~ And I can continue finishing this post.

I want to share something funny about what I've encounter today. The story begin when both Hui Juin and I decided to detox (means eating only fruits and drink detox tea) for 1 week. But our plan just failed again and again. We started on Tuesday and the failure continues until today, and I guess it will fail for the following days too. wtf~~ We are so weak..when facing foods! FML!

Oppsss...back to the funny thing. We decided to order McDonald today! Yes! McDonald on our detox week? Hahahah~ I told you we failed completely~ T__T Especially when get to know from David Lee that McDonald is distributing vouchers again. We downloaded the voucher and started to discuss what to order, which FREE meal to choose, and so on.

Susprisingly, we manage to get "bulat suara" on what to order at 945am! Normally we will ended struggling and discuss until the last minute before lunch time. I guess we're too hungry since we skipped our normal breakfast~ LOL

Continue, in deciding who get the responsibility to order. Both of us just pushing it to each other again and again. "You order la!" , followed by me who said "KNS you, you order la!!" and to stop the arguments, I decided we play a game "1-2-Zoom". Neh~ The kiddo game where you gamble with "Paper, Scissors and Stone". But, what thh unique of this game between us is we only can communicate using Instant Messenger. So how???

She suggested us to draw using Paint and send to each other to see the result! So creative isn't? So thats what I did. I draw the 1st object "Scissors" using paint nicely!

Nice leh~ Hummpppppp*

Mana tau, she send me this. She draw 3 at a time, while I thought we should draw one at a time. Wtf~~~ However, she claimed this counted and she WON for using the stone to kill my scissor! TIPU! However, I surrender at last, by continuing the 2nd and 3rd draw.

Her (1) stone kill my scissor

Thought of lazy to draw other, so i decided to recycle the "scissor" for 2nd and 3rd draw ! And ta~~~daaa~~~ Hopefully can win her easily!

My 2 guntings!

Suprisingly, I WON BACK, we draw at the end.

My scissor win over her (1) paper! yeay!! We draw for (2) scissors.

So, it's 1-1 now, so being fair, we started the draw all over again by drawing another 3 zooms!

From me (1) Stone, (2) Stone, (3) Paper

What a tough competition, she drew almost the same and we got DRAW again~

(1) Draw, (2) My stone lose to her paper (3)My paper won over her stone

So, it's 2-2 NOW! And we need to draw for our last fight!! KUT SENG FU "the win/lose fight". So i drew PAPER, hoping to win over her and save my phone credit to call MCDONALD!! *praying hard*

She used quite long time to draw and who knows she drew me this!!!


She drew me A BOMB!!!!! And hope by using her bomb to BOMB whatever I draw. Bomb can bomb scissor, Bomb can bomb stone, Bomb can bomb paper! wtf~~~ So KAN CHAO right this gal!!

And I dies die claimed it's a stone (the closest object) and force her to accept the fact she LOSE! Hahahah~ And yes, I WON the "1-2-Zoom" game on IM! Congratulate me! So the morale of the story is DONT CHEAT! Wahahahah~

Oh ya, and I had McDonald McChicken for lunch today! Hmmmm..yummmmmmyyyy~~~ And conclusion, failed diet for today AGAIN! Let's start the diet tomorrow *again* Sighhhh~~


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  1. =.=

    That is not cheating... that is win with creativeness!

    Dolly.. Dont "hahahaha you are so stupid Polly" again pls... =.=

  2. hahahahahahahahaha~~~ KANASAI U POLLY~~!!

    T____T, my life never boring with u around.. T____T.. come.. u come johor la..

  3. your face really tam chiak!with the frieds~

  4. Juin : Hahahah ~ Obviously cheating ok! Apa pulak creative =_="

    Dolly : Yes, our life never be bring with her around. Polly, don't leave Spansion!!!

    Taufulou : kns...where got~ You la TAM CHIAK~