Friday, January 15, 2010

:: Faxcore '09 'XmasCelebration ::

Ok, I know it's sort of outdated to blog about Xmas celebration while it's already 15 days passed new year. Sighhhh...I just couldn't find proper time and effort to blog. But realizing we will tends to forget things easily if we don't jote everything down.

Short but simple, hope to jote down every moments, every events, everthing passing through my life, especially joining Faxcore since 9th November 2009.

Back to the topic, this year will be the first X'mas me joining Faxcore for celebration. Suprisingly, for the 1st year also everyone agreed for the proposal of gift exchange among each other. We set the minimum amount per gift of RM20! So guys (who known to be kiam-siap LOL!!!!), please make sure you buy a gift which cost more than RM20 ok! * Ok, nobody bought any less than that in actual day, but most of them buy far more than that tim! They are so RICH =____=

We had plan for the gift exchange a week before, by drawing the name of each of us. Oh ya, Dynatel (Faxcore's distributor) also joining us since their office just opposite of our office, the more the merrier huh...The speciality and uniqueness of this gift exchange is "PERSONALIZATION or CUSTOMIZATION Gift exchange". We draw beforehand to get the name of the recipient of our gift, and by knowing the recipient, we MUST crunch our head/brainto get something which is useful or meaningful to the recipient we drawn. Hard isn't it? Especially, if those guys drawn a gal's name, even hard for them.

Before the exchange ceremony, we move ahead with our Xmas lunch at Dragon-I Chinese Cuisine Restaurant which is located at Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Thanks Faxore's bosses for the marvellous meal! Burrpppp!!! It was a realllllllllllllll full lunch!

At last, it's time for the gift exchange, and here we go arranging the gift on the table for the opening ceremony. That one that one!! that oen is mine!

Everyone waiting patiently for all to gather and once everyone arrive.....with the shout of 1.........2...............2.5.................... and all of them can't wait for the finishing line and grab their gift and then, the only thing I know is everyone ended with .......

"Wah Sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Ok, there were a number of funny things being arrange that day. 1) My present to Jason (Dynatel's boss) was a dummy gift with a pice of "L" size pamper in the box. Everyone knew he need a pampers but I told him, economy not good, I only manage to get one, I mean steal ONE from my nephew! And that one piece of pampers, was wrapped with at least 10-15 layers mahjong papers and it took him about 10 minutes to finish the wrapping.

Anyway, at the end, I present him the actual MamyPoko "S" Pampers which cost me at RM36.90. LOL!!! Hope he will likes it, opssss..his wife and baby will likes it!

Another funny thing is Daniel (Faxcore's boss) keep the present in a BIGGGGGGGGGGGG box which is full with shreded papers. Everyone thought " must be a very big present since need such a big box to handle it". Who knows, there is only one leather-shoe-polisher in the box. But don't worry, Faxcore's boss not that kiam one. In actual he bought a badminton T-shirt for Raymond as the actual present. Nice red+ black coloured badminton shirt. :) Funny moment.

BTW, I got The FACESHOP body set from Raymond since he drew my name. After further investigation, the set cost him at RM68!!! WTF!! So expensive, shouldn't get that because I'm happy with any gift no matter what it is, how much it is. Anyway, thanks alot! Muakssss!!!

Anyway, let's the picture do the talking. Hope we can enjoy the same gift exchange for every year (while I'm still with Faxcore! LOL! No no...boss (if you get to read this, I do not have intend to leave soon..WAKAKAKKAKAKA).

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