Tuesday, January 12, 2010

:: '09 New Year's Eve Party @ Zouk ::

Happy New Year everyone! Happy 2010 New Year! There gone 2009 and there comes 2010! Another new year, another new hope, another new resolution, another new wish! Let's hoping everyone doing fine in this prosperous year 2010!

Let's recap my new year's eve celebration with some of awesomes friends / newly met friends / colleague. Since Leong went to somewhere else for business trip, I decided to join Jeremy and June (Jeremy's mate) for a dinner with late outing at Zouk @ KL.

Thanks to Jeremy for inviting me to join his new year plan, knowing I am alone for this day. * Leong was not aroundfor business trip*. It was really a last minute plan on where to go for this 2009 new year's eve. As I still busy looking around, asking around for whoever who got plan for new year's eve.

Too bad, those with couple had their couple outing, and left me alone. LOL!! * No no, i'm not complaning, just mumbling...*Leong can you hear me?!?!? *waving hand!*

Within blink of eyes, it is the last day of year 2009 and sooner it will be another new year ahead. Year 2009 has been a huge year for me because alot of things being marked and happended on year 2009. Me changing job, me owning my own car, me going through up and down in relationship, me going through all good and bad in job, and lots more. Anyway, whatever passed is passed. Most importantly is the year and years ahead, and making sure we will go through it with full of joy!

Anyway, had a great night and fun having the marvellous dinner, marvellous night outing. Nothing much to say, but to let the picture do the talking. :)

Jarrod and Rawlins Restaurant which is located at KL.

Hmmmmm..what to choose for dinner? Hmmmmmmmmmm.........

And me drinking wine tooo :)

The classic Orangina! taste good!

Presenting Jeremy Tan

Thanks Jeremy! :) While us waiting for the food to be serve.

Newly met friend, June.

Yummmmyy!!! extra BIG GIANT Size Sandwich!

The sausage

The baby pork ribs ...taste good too!!

Adverlet , Jarrod and Rawlins must pay me for promoting them already.

See, another advs...

Potong!! Potong!!! Potong!!!

The fried bacon..........not good! too crunchy!!

Me eating the crunchy and oil fried bacon

Jeremy, u are so lucky dude!!! Buy chicken and pray to god! HAHHAHA

The dessert for the night!

Let's have a grou photo before ends our last day of 2009!

Standing while watching the fireworks

With Jeremy

Enjoying :)


ALAMAK! who's hand is that????

Another group photo!

I like this picture! But arm little bit too meaty...heheheheh!

Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!!

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  1. i thought my new year's eve post was late..
    but yours is later.. haha..
    surely had fun eh? =)