Monday, July 30, 2007

.. Stephanie & Blackie Cheah B'day ..

Yeap...another family event in my house...
It's Stephanie Tam (my eldest sister) and Blackie Cheah (My eldest brother) birthday party.
It's be-earliered birthday party.
Blackie's birthday even in different month.
But yet, we are happy enjoying the night with the whole family members (not to forget new family member-Amanda Lee and Ng Kong Hock)
Here is some of the special moments snapped...Enjoy...~~~

Saturday, July 28, 2007

:.. Another Saturday ..:

28th July 2007
Another Saturday going to pass by my 23rd years of life.
Why the times seems went useless?
Why i'm still be who i am now?
Should i take the initiatives to make changes?
But, how?

I've clean the washroom,
I've clean my room,
I've clean my parent's room,
I've clean the hall room,
I've clean my doggie (bath),
Thats the routine every Saturday.

I used to sleep and wait for the time to pass by,
Is that a changes that i'd made to my life,
It used to be dome my sister(s),
It used not to be in my weekly schedule,
But, its changing now onwards.

There goes one week in my new semester,
Not much different as compare to previous semester,
But, yet again i'm alone.
Alone for my lunch, alone for my lecture,
Alone for surfing time, alone for the 1st week in my semester.

I'm not complaining, I'm mumbling,
I don't need entertainment,
I don't need friends (if they don't need me),
I just want to finish my 3rd level of study,
As soon as possible, to begin my new charter of life.

Begin with new job, in a new environment,
Getting paid with my expected salary,
Start my working life,
Planning on what i want for the rest of my life,
Get a better life for my family,
Support them,
Love them more, care them more,
Before no time for me to do so.

I'm listening to Pachelbel-Cannon in D,
It's a very relaxing piano instrument that flows into my ears,
Now i know, i'm not always that kind of agresive type of human,
Human sometime have the other way of characteristic,
That even might not be realized by themselve.

So enjoy the life, and know yourself deeply,
To search for what you want,
To look for what you need.

Monday, July 23, 2007

.. Started 1st class..

Yeap..started 1st class on 23th July 2007, at 5pm. Unfortunately, the class just take 30 minutes to be completed. As it is an course introduction class.

Intelligent System Technology (IST) seems confusing and complex. It expose us to the power of artificial intelligence (AI), and some logic programming PROLOG.

Seems not easy, but most of senior said it is easier as compare to Foundation Of Computing (FOC) . But the lecturer said the other way round. She said FOC is easier. Hmmmm.....Confuse.....Just hope for the best!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

.. My Cute & Plumpy Niece ..

Isn't she adorable?.....Especially when she's smile...I like baby smile and laugh! That will make us smile and laugh as well...

"Amanda Lee Zhi Yann"
Thats her name...She's borned on 12th April 2007, and aged 3 months 9 days (today).

Not much hair like her mom, plumpy cheek,dangling tongue, and have "Sammi Cheng" eyebrow. Hahahaha!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

..: Boring :..

This is the most boring moment i've ever had.
No mood to do things.
Can't sleep, can't think.
I know i'm those person who cannot stay at home, do nothing.
I must at least work, or do something.
Yes, I'm an aggresive type of person.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

.. Next Mission ..

So 1st mission (1st semester) , and 2nd mission (2nd semester) has been accomplished. Now reach the peak session of mission - completing the last semester to graduate.

I left 4 subjects to complete, before graduating, to be predict complete end of this year. I must do well in this last semester, cannot like last time, i must spend more time revising, more time preparing, more time..........

I believe i can do well if im prepared. Again, i will make you guys proud of me.

:.. Suprised Morning Call ..:

RING !!!! RING !!!! shouldn't be ring ring, cause i'm using a MP3 ringtone...Hahahha!

I'd received a morning call(when i was in the middle of dreaming-which i've forgotten once i got the news from the caller) from Raymond Theeban at appx. 7am. He's telling me that the result is out! WOW! That's really a news that wake me up, thats works even better than any alarm or a morning call from my mother in front of the door.

At last the release of the result on 14th July 2007 (7am) cure all my feelings, Nervous, Stresssed, Pressure, ^%@$#%$@*&!#^@(*$)(@$. Hahahhahaah!

I got the same result as the 1st semester ;

1) Communication for Information Systems and Technology (COMM 1053) D
2) Database Technology (INFS 2011) HD
3) Maintenance and Re-engineering (INFS 3006) D
4) User Interfaces (INFT 1004) HD

With average 6.5/7.0 GPA.

I'm so happy,as this is slightly better than what i'm expecting. Thank God. I really want to call mom, steph, and leong to inform them and want them to share this happy news with me. Hmmmmm....i belive there are still in their dream. Nevermind, i'llcall them them later on. Anyhow, the result will not run away.


.. Nervous..

Nervous! Nervous!

I'm nervous waiting for the release date for exam result. I've been checking the website everyday, to make sure i'll be the 1st one to notice the release, and see how my effort paid by getting good result. Really hope it will turn out as expected. Not putting too high expectation, but at least the result that can make both my parents, both my sisters proud of. Sometimes, they said i pressured myself too much, that sometimes make me feel stressed.

Yes, i admit my expectation towards myself is quite high, i must pass with flying colours, i must be the best among the best, i must make them proud of me, i must let them know, i'm capable to do thing on my own, without burden them.

Sometimes, i might think, why i must be that independent, to settle and handle everything by own, making my own decision, paying my own school fees, work to earn pocket money, save money to buy cloths, must think more than twice before buying something, etc.

But i know, everybody will proud of me, if i success in future. And till then i will say "Its all worth it". Then i'll be happy on what i've been sacrified so far.

Please bear with me...i'll prove that i can... Malaysia Boleh ! Elaine Tam Boleh !

Friday, July 13, 2007

:.. New Air-Cond ..:

Yeah! I'll be getting new air-cond today.
Brand : Panasonic
Price : RM 1,080.00

I'm paying it my own money. As the room was too hot especially during afternoon. So can't stand of the heat, so that make me urge to get a new air-cond.

Maybe somebody will think i'm wasting money, but...its just pain for once, but can enjoy for longer term. "Long term investment", or "Short term pain, long term pleasure". Hahahahhaha!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

.. New Room..New Environment..

I got my new room, after my 2nd sister got married last week. Its a new environment for me, but more responsibility as i need to do house-hold alone (without may here sharing with me). Tha's why i mentioned new environment. Not yet get used to it, as leave me alone (daughter) in this house.

I will miss them for sure, and wish they will live happily and healthier with their beloved ones. No doubt, this questions has been raised from the relatives and friends "When is your turn to get married?"

Hahahah...And guess whats my answer to them " Oh...soon soon soon.....", which myself do not have any idea when. Sometimes, i might think marry is something i cannot think of, as ;

1) i'm still studying (no strong financial to support a new family),

2) i'm still young (23 yrs) - even thought i've been with Mr Leong for almost 5 years.

3) i want to have my own house and own car before get married (which none of them i'd achieved yet)

4) i ......i ........i'm not prepared....

Maybe sometime i feel envy to both of my sisters as they finally get to live with their beloved one, and start to develop their own sweet sweet family.....which is a dream for every women. But i will not marry a guy, if both of us are not prepared physically, mentally and the most important FINANCIALLY. Not Mr Leong's fault, but me. I have no confident until i get to start my own career and get to see my future. Now, i just can be a student, a girlfriend, and a daughter.

So.....maybe few years to come....2 years for me to get stable in my career, and 2 years to plan my future with my behalf. Hahahah!

Anyway, HAPPY WEDDING to both my sisters! God bless you guys!