Saturday, July 14, 2007

:.. Suprised Morning Call ..:

RING !!!! RING !!!! shouldn't be ring ring, cause i'm using a MP3 ringtone...Hahahha!

I'd received a morning call(when i was in the middle of dreaming-which i've forgotten once i got the news from the caller) from Raymond Theeban at appx. 7am. He's telling me that the result is out! WOW! That's really a news that wake me up, thats works even better than any alarm or a morning call from my mother in front of the door.

At last the release of the result on 14th July 2007 (7am) cure all my feelings, Nervous, Stresssed, Pressure, ^%@$#%$@*&!#^@(*$)(@$. Hahahhahaah!

I got the same result as the 1st semester ;

1) Communication for Information Systems and Technology (COMM 1053) D
2) Database Technology (INFS 2011) HD
3) Maintenance and Re-engineering (INFS 3006) D
4) User Interfaces (INFT 1004) HD

With average 6.5/7.0 GPA.

I'm so happy,as this is slightly better than what i'm expecting. Thank God. I really want to call mom, steph, and leong to inform them and want them to share this happy news with me. Hmmmmm....i belive there are still in their dream. Nevermind, i'llcall them them later on. Anyhow, the result will not run away.


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  1. Are u a genius or what!