Thursday, July 12, 2007

.. New Room..New Environment..

I got my new room, after my 2nd sister got married last week. Its a new environment for me, but more responsibility as i need to do house-hold alone (without may here sharing with me). Tha's why i mentioned new environment. Not yet get used to it, as leave me alone (daughter) in this house.

I will miss them for sure, and wish they will live happily and healthier with their beloved ones. No doubt, this questions has been raised from the relatives and friends "When is your turn to get married?"

Hahahah...And guess whats my answer to them " Oh...soon soon soon.....", which myself do not have any idea when. Sometimes, i might think marry is something i cannot think of, as ;

1) i'm still studying (no strong financial to support a new family),

2) i'm still young (23 yrs) - even thought i've been with Mr Leong for almost 5 years.

3) i want to have my own house and own car before get married (which none of them i'd achieved yet)

4) i ......i ........i'm not prepared....

Maybe sometime i feel envy to both of my sisters as they finally get to live with their beloved one, and start to develop their own sweet sweet family.....which is a dream for every women. But i will not marry a guy, if both of us are not prepared physically, mentally and the most important FINANCIALLY. Not Mr Leong's fault, but me. I have no confident until i get to start my own career and get to see my future. Now, i just can be a student, a girlfriend, and a daughter.

So.....maybe few years to come....2 years for me to get stable in my career, and 2 years to plan my future with my behalf. Hahahah!

Anyway, HAPPY WEDDING to both my sisters! God bless you guys!

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