Wednesday, April 29, 2009

:: Pregnancy Pill ::

Opssss, i wrote the wrong post title.. It should be "Period control Pill". As you all know, my virgin Redang Trip is around the corner, a day from now, as I will depart from KL on Thursday night at 9:30pm (means tomorrow night!!! wah! so fast).

And I’d forgotten that my period is around the corner too =___=". I want to go snorkeling, and swimming. Impossible me travelling few hundred KMs,spending few hundred $$$$$ to go to Redang, just to enjoy having period on an island ke ma ......I can period at home too....F.O.C some more.... =__=”

I've bought medicine to fasten the period before, but not sure about the existence of pill to slow down the period. So, I drop by a pharmacy and asked:

“Kakak, itu ubat kasi itu darah keluar lambat sikit setiap bulan ada ka?” HAHAHHAHAH~ Nola, of course I asked professionally with elegant and classy style. *ehem*ehem*

“Hi, Good Evening. Can I know is there any medicine that can make my period arrive later? As I will be out for holiday in 1 week time”

And as expected, there is a medicine to control the period arrival date. This medicine is called Norethisterone, with the brand of NORCULUT.

It comes in a pack of 10, and I will need to eat them starting from 3 days before my actual period, 3 tablets a day before my actual period day. And the pharmacist starts asking me:

“When is your period date?”
“What you want to go for holiday?”
“Normally, your period will come faster or slower?”
“How long you want to remain no-period?”
“When you want it to come?”

Wah liao!! Like taking exam pulak! And being a super-duper forgetful person, I forgotten the actual day my period last month. And the date is not accurate every month. So, how do you expect me to answer those questions?? But I can roughly recall when, but not the exact date.

And ended bought 2 packs of Norethisterone at RM8.00 for one week supplement. I‘ve started taking it on Sunday, and will continue until I come back from Redang. My concern is whether it will work or not, as:

1) I’m not 100% sure my last month’s period date
2) My period is not constant every month
3) I took 3 tablets at a time, where it should be taken one tablet at a time, for 3 times a day *I only know it today!!!! After surveying for Norethisterone online! All itu Pharmacist punya pasal! Just said “Eat 3 tables”, then I asked “Must 3 tablets so a lot ah?”, then she answered “YES!”

So, for those who plan to buy this, remember eat 1 TABLET AT A TIME, for 3 TIMES A DAY!!!

Stupid dam dam, Elaine...just hope it wont spoil my plan,
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Monday, April 27, 2009

:: Quick Update for today::

Hui Juin, Donna and I were discussing on "WHY HUI JUIN'S PHONE CAMERA CAN TAKE CLEAR PICTURE", and ours cannot!!???!!

Ya ya, Hui Juin's phone is K Series with 3.5 Mega Pixel Camera capability while ours (Donna and mine) having only 2.0 Mega Pixel camera capability. Aiiii~~~

So, trying to prove that my RM400 camera not that "pah lia", so i camwhore myself with different mode of lighting/camera effects. And came out with pictures below, different color-tone with the same pose of me.

Forgive my dark eye circle, as that was inherit from my parents. =___=". And my make up failed to cover it, and yu guys terpaksa see it. Sorry, ma treat it like watching a "panda" in zoo lor....

And another camwhore pose is with my toes, with my socks ...errrr..with my toe outside of my sock...hahahahh* I had a "berlubang" sock today, no wonder i can feel the cold'ness of my toe inside my shoe. *hahahahh* Pai seh pai seh~~~

Shi~~ Don't tell anybody....."It" will feel shame shame one..hahahah~

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

:: The born of 3rd Mother's Day Card ::

Being abit greedy, in hoping to "sapu" as much prizes as possible for the competition, i designed 3 mother's day card for competition. *heheheheh*

This is 3rd design which is totally different from my previous 2 cards, as i utilized the whole A4 size, instead of folding it to become half, thinking to create more look for card designs. Don't worry, this size is qualified size for the competition too.

My theme for this card is "FLOWER", as i utilized the BIG sunflower (stolen donated from my mom too *hahahhaahha*), the old but usable butterfly magnet, some ribbons and beads. And the text/poem for this card as below :

"Thank you for loving me, Having me in,
All you have given, Now I hold within.
Kid in a vacuum, You made your own,
Or else, I had been Unloved and alone."

The card-front view (with empty center to place the photo of my collegue and her mother)

Card. Side view

Big sunflower, with "Mother's Day Day" text

Wish me luck,
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Friday, April 24, 2009

:: The born of 2nd Mother's Day Card ::

I've designed another D.I.Y Mother's Card for competition, with the "Sweet Summer Feel" as the theme. I've utilized the bear-bear (which i get from my friend's house warming), some fake flowers (stolen from my mom's plant *hahahha*), foam papers, thick papers, nice-background paper (purchase from Popular).

I think this version of card give me more smoother-feel as it looks simple and cute as compare to 1st version (click here if you forgotten how it looks).

And another thing i like for this is the hanging "MUM", originally the idea comes when i see the hanging lamp at my hall. So, i just make the bending "BELOVED" text, to hang the "MUM" text/ Creative isn't it? *hahahha*

Card front view

Inside view (still in progress)

I've completed the front card and still designing to complete the inner card outlook. I'm so happy to hear from mom or friends saying that the cards are nice. As i've put effort, time and money to design those cards, to impress people and hope to impress the judges as well. *hahahhah*

While chatting with mom last night on this card design, i was asking her :

Elaine : "Mom, i think i join the wrong profession, i should go into Art Designing or whatever designing"
Mom : "hmmmmmmmm" , you got the "sam si (heart) to design la. Not like Kah Chun they all."

But personally, i likes to design. I can burn the mid-night oil just to try to complete the card. Aiii~~~~ I should learn designing related course, instead of computer. But without te knowledgeof computer, i might not be able to design in such manner (by utilization photoshop to touch up photo, to design background image, to surf internet for more ideas, etc etc).

Anyway, feel free to drop comments on my 2nd "baby". *hehhehehe*

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: SALE! SALE! It's SALE! ::

Hui Juin and I went to this Metrojaya Warehouse Sale yesterday, after our work. We reached there at 5:30pm, and started our shopping soon after we found our nearest parking, and walk for 3~5 minutes to Stadium Shah Alam entrance.

We plan to go row by row starting with the curtain/bedsheet area (but ended skipped some of them because it is too many rows, and we do not have enough time). The silk curtain was so nice, and i do have the intention to get it in advance for my new house. But, Hui Juin said "huh?!!Need so to buy so early mou?" *=____=" Ya, abit too early as i only will be getting my new house next year March, so intention was spoilt and cancelled!

Then proceed with the man-category whereby Hui Juin bought PANTIES for ML. hahahahah~ What a good girlfriend, and tell you all a secret, ML wear "L" size! Very big huh..... *hahahahhahh*

Man-area, taken while Hui Juin shops for shirt for her "L" panty-sized-boyfriend *hahahha*

Then proceed to women's area, wherewe found some branded brand like East India, Somerset Bay, Goggle, Body Glove, and etc having their 70~80% sales. I bought a pinky dress from Somerset Bay, which suitable to be worn to both casual and dinner events. Original price for this dress is RM149.90 and it's having 70% discount, and it cost me only at RM44.70. Cheap isn't it? But Hui Juin bought NOTHING. =___="

Last but not least, "COSMETIC & FRAGRANCE" area, where we queued for 10 minutes to get into that area. It was the last area, where only limited people are allowed to ensure we get enough space to walk and shop. This is the area where we LOST OUR CONTROL! You can find very cheap cosmetics and fragrances here which includes RM3 Lip Gloss, RM5 Nail Polisher, RM10 Foundation, RM30~RM120 Fragrance and more. The branding includes Revlon, Maybelline, Stilla, Burberry, Prada, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ralph Lauren, and many more.

Queing to "Comestic & Fagrance" Cosmetic Area

Hui Juin got her Revlon nail polisher (RM10) and Stila Lip Gloss (RM25), while i got my Revlon Serum Liquid (RM10), Maybelline Lip Gloss (RM10) and Silky Girl Foundation Powder (RM20). Thanks to my sense of control, i did put back some items back before i made the payment, by thinking rationally and logically... hmmmm..i still have not finish my existing one such as facial foam.

We finished and made the payment at 7:30pm sharp, and that's when the warehouse sale closed their entrance door. Fuuuuhh~~ Tired and hungry, we decided to drop by Giant to get the "expensive + long waiting list + chinese-style but sell by Malay CHAR KUEY TEOW".

Hui Juin with her "pedas" char kuey teow

And me with my "kurang pedas" char kuey teow

But, the char kuey teow taste not bad and it's not as oily as normal char kuey teow, maybe because i requested with less chilis. There goes our Thursday Shopping Day, and i've spend RM100+ for this trip. Shit!!%^&*()_)(*&^%%^ I must learn how to control my eagerness in shopping. I should watch "Shophalics" movie repeatedly to remind myself. *hahhahaha*

Bancrupt for Month April,
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

:: Completed my 1st D.I.Y card ::

Yeay! As continuation of this post and this post, i've completed my D.I.Y Mother's Card at last officially today. My 1st ever Mother's Day Card, which will be used for Mother's Day Card Competition. Plan to start another card design tomorrow, so Polly please prepare your picture ASAP. =__="

So, what you think on the completed card? Any comments? *hoping with my eyes shining and blinking again*

Card front view

Ribbon that used to tie up the card

Inside card - side view

Inside card, front view

Inside card, top

Inside card, bottom

Message to mum (message 1)

Message to mum (message 2)

Message to mum (message 3)

Message to mum (message 4)

Last but not least, the "DAY" ribbon D.I.Y logo

*happy i can sleep already*
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

:: Shogun Lunch::

Mariam Azwa, my kecil molek team mate going to leave us soon. This Friday is her last day with us, so we organized farewell lunch for her. Suprisingly, we're going to have "luxury" lunch at Shogun, Sunway Pyramid.

Our heroin for the day

We departed at 12:30pm, and reached Shogun around 1:00pm. "On Your Mark, Get Se Go"!!!!!!!!!! *hahhahah* I have reserved my stomach for this luxury lunch, and i will as much as possible. *kakakakak*

I started the lunch with cod fish, chicken and prawn! Wow! heavy starter...And proceed with baked osyter, and .............. i forget what i've eaten. Let's the picture do the talking. *hahahhaahha*

Errr..posing with Hui Juin or with the chicken wing??

Sushi and Salmon Salmon..The salad is so fresh...

The Chicken Wing very good!!! Yummyy~ *actually, not that good*

Complimentary Steamboat *ended no one touch that bowl of seafood*

Some fried oyster and tempura *very hard*

Ginger "mentarang" * i guess that's what it called*

Sub-group photo with team members

ended our day with Shogun group photo!

Oh ya, the rate for our "luxury" lunch is RM33 per person, RM10 discount from it's original price RM43, as we "attack" Shogun in bigger group of more than 10pax, so discount RM217 from the overall bill. The price is not toooooooo expensive for Japanese buffet style.

Burppp~~ Full till now,
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:: Progress of the D.I.Y card making ::

As the continuation of this, i had started the card making yesterday, 21st April 2009, 6:30pm. Initially, i plan to make 2 cards to participate but it's that not easy to come out on idea how to design the card. Let's see how much time i left after i complete the 1st one.

So, plan to keep track the progress of card making here. I spend alot of "sam si" in making this card, to aim for 1st prize RM100 gift voucher. If (i'm so lucky to win that), i will use that RM100 to buy real presents for my mother as her Mother's Day gift. What a good daughter huh... *blushing**

The theme for my card design is "LOVE". So i will utilize quite alot of love-shaped or love-shaped-alike material for the card design. I will add blink blink as well to make it looks classy and shinning from far. And anyhow, must have 3D look either on the cover or inside the cover. Sounds complicated huh....Hmmmm...i also think the same. But, "ilham" will come and go, when you're in the process of designing and making. I did not draft the card at all, as i can't think of any of them. wtf!!! poor card designer! so, that's the reason why i choose IT. *hahahah* nah~~ IT was not part of my interest also.. Forget it...

Mom is with me when i made this card (as i'm at the hall) so she definitely know i'm making this Mother's Day card for competition. So, she should know she can't own the "beautifully decorated"card, but i do have a plan to design another D.I.Y card for her actual mother's card day. *heheheheh ~ SUPRISE!*

Anyway, below shown is my 1/2 completed 1st Mother's Day card. What do you think? Got chances to win or not? It might not look good from the picture (due to phone camera lighting, and looks dark). But, please comment on the design. Do you find it interesting? *hoping you all to say yes with shining blinking eyes*

Day 1 : 21st April 2009

Completed the card cover

3D text "You're The Best" with gold text lining, i cutted myself one...*how was it?*

The 3D love on the cover. Got 4 layers one, don't play play *hahah*

1/2 completed inside card, still thinking how to decorate *hmmmmm*

Tired of crunching for ideas,
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:: Barefoot Today ::

Darn!! I forget to bring my sock today..I remember i did pick out a pair of white sock fom my wardrobe, but i guess i placed it somewhere (maybe on my table, maybe on my bed, maybe in the water sink) and i forgot to put it in my bag, so conclusion is I DO NOT HAVE ANY SOCK TO WEAR ON WORK TODAY!
*vomit blood*

This is the reason why i need to barefoot (without sock) for at least 8~9 hours in the office today. I hope my leg's smell do spread over the whole Spansion, and faint all of the staffs and force them to give a call for a day, and i can go back earlier. I know Polly die die hoping for this day to come. *hahahahahah* But, by that time, all of Spansion's staff will kick me like nobody business for bringing BLOODY SMELLY foot to work! hahahaahah*

Actually, my leg not smelly la, but it get sweats easily (without protection) and unfortunately, it need to "trap" inside plastic shoe for the whole day. Luckily i got temporary slipper-look-alike-plastic shoe, so it can breath while i'm sitting at my desk. I cannot wear it if i need to walk out of my cubicle, because the size is toooooo big. I will look like a little dwarf wearing a Giant big shoe, and wandering around Spansion. Looks weird right?!!

Opppsss, my nice toes.......Kecil mlek huh*wink*wink*

Due to Hui Juin gained weight after her Penang "eating" trip, she's going to start detox program for a week , and as her Spansion's breakfast/lunch companion I need to start my lunch fruit meal as well. You see, how good i am! Polly, you see how good i am! *hehehehhe*

Pasar Malam visit is where i get my weekly supply , in getting fruits for my whole week. I bought 7 pcs of plumns, RM10.00 seedless purple grapes and 10 pcs of small red crunchy apples. All of them are my one week lunch supply, and i hope it's enough.

I started the same meal yesterday, and same goes to today and i need to eat same fruit meal for another 3 days. I do hope to reduce my weight from 52kgs to 50kgs after this detoxitation plan. *hoping with shining blinking eyes*.

Fruit Meal for the day, Plum, Grapes, Apple

Close-up shot~ Looks freshie huh*

"Yes la.....i'm free today" - Elaine's leg
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