Monday, April 13, 2009

:: She's 2 now! She's 2 now! ::

You must be wondering who is 2? *hahahahah*. Amanda Lee Zhi Yan thrown the bash party yesterday, and it's her turn to turn into 2 yesterday, after born on 12th April 2007. Wow! That was fast!

Who's in the house today?

It's me, Amanda Lee

The party was held at McDonald, Kota Damansara. The party started at 2pm, and anded at 3:30pm. She received alottttttttttttt of presents, i bet her hand must felt numb caused by tiring of opening/un-wrapping the presents.

The party began with the makan-makan session, which consists of McDonald stuffs, like McChicken, McNuggets, McCheese, McFrenchFries, McCoke, McRibena...hahahahahahh~ I ate very little, as i ate few times mcDonald for the week already. =___="

Lots lots of food~ YUmmmmyy~~

Mummy, Daddy, I'm eating without restriction today..yeehaaa~~

Arrrrrrrrrrrr.....The burger too big for my mouth - Kah Chun

"Can i have some more?"- Dad * while looking at the food

Then continue with the game session, but there were not enough kids to play. So, mom and I terpaksa join to complete the force, to make the birthday girl happy. T__T. We played "musical chair", whereby we need to fight to seat on the chair by the time the music stopped. It is so funny, as i tried "buttock" mom, to prevent her from sitting on the chair.. So bad me....But, everybody love so happily because that "buttock'ing" action.

Since Amanda having small buttock to fight with her "piu-kor(cousins)" so her dad hug her and run around the chairs. Poor daddy..*hahahahh*.

Next game is "Bola Beracun", where all of us need to pass the ball around, and person who hold the ball when the music stopped need to step out from the game. Amanda quite new to those game, thus she DON'T KNOW how to play =_____=", so ended up, throwing the ball to his father, who is not playing at that time. Fuhhh~~~

Bola beracun..."Give me Give me...Faster Faster"- amanda Lee

Mom, you're out...*hahahahah*

There were so manyyyyyyyyyy babies photoshoot for the day, you turn to left, you'll see baby, turn to right, you'll see another baby. When you turn back, thought you will not see any of them, YOU'RE WRONG, you'll see toddler. So, at last you decided to just turn to FRONT, and face the baby in front of you..*hahahahha*


Babies again~~

Babiesssssssss =___="

More babies....

Still got??!!!!

This also consider baby???

Last but not least, the cake-cutting session. Stephanie and Lee ordered a customized delicious Secret Recipe's ice-cream cake for the their princess for the day. It was delicious and yummmyyy~~~~~ *hehhehehe*

Cake for the day, nice isn't it?

1..2..3... Blow~~~

Happy family.... :)

And ended our gathering with family group photoshoot, both Lee and Tam's family. Ta~~~ Daaaaa~~~~~~~

Tam's family

Lee's family

Happy Birthday Amanda Lee,
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