Friday, April 24, 2009

:: The born of 2nd Mother's Day Card ::

I've designed another D.I.Y Mother's Card for competition, with the "Sweet Summer Feel" as the theme. I've utilized the bear-bear (which i get from my friend's house warming), some fake flowers (stolen from my mom's plant *hahahha*), foam papers, thick papers, nice-background paper (purchase from Popular).

I think this version of card give me more smoother-feel as it looks simple and cute as compare to 1st version (click here if you forgotten how it looks).

And another thing i like for this is the hanging "MUM", originally the idea comes when i see the hanging lamp at my hall. So, i just make the bending "BELOVED" text, to hang the "MUM" text/ Creative isn't it? *hahahha*

Card front view

Inside view (still in progress)

I've completed the front card and still designing to complete the inner card outlook. I'm so happy to hear from mom or friends saying that the cards are nice. As i've put effort, time and money to design those cards, to impress people and hope to impress the judges as well. *hahahhah*

While chatting with mom last night on this card design, i was asking her :

Elaine : "Mom, i think i join the wrong profession, i should go into Art Designing or whatever designing"
Mom : "hmmmmmmmm" , you got the "sam si (heart) to design la. Not like Kah Chun they all."

But personally, i likes to design. I can burn the mid-night oil just to try to complete the card. Aiii~~~~ I should learn designing related course, instead of computer. But without te knowledgeof computer, i might not be able to design in such manner (by utilization photoshop to touch up photo, to design background image, to surf internet for more ideas, etc etc).

Anyway, feel free to drop comments on my 2nd "baby". *hehhehehe*

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  1. I also think i have the same problem like you.. joined the wrong profession! even though my work should be more to numbers & analysis, i actually like to make my excel file so nice, like to design forms, automation of files etc. wouldn't feel boring/headache doing such things huh?? i think we heritage dad's & mum's attributes - dont you notice they also like to design their own creations - from home furniture arrangement, decoration to self-designed tables and cabinets?? ;)

  2. hey.... this one cuter leh...
    errrrrrrrr... but why the picture is Polly and her mum ar.. =.="

  3. Elaine Tam24/4/09 1:28 PM

    Ya ya ya ya ya~~~~ Not reaizing it until you tell me now! Yes, they do!They like alot in designing and customizing things. So, mom and dad founf their prefered job, by working out something with the glasses, aluminium and wood they have. But how about us??
    How are we going to continue our life with probably wrong profession for the rest of our life??? aii~~~, is it too late for us to change now?is it too late for us to change our profession now? can we continue like this for the rest of our life?
    I admit i like designing, but i'm wondering will i feel the same like what i feel now, after i really actually physically join designing?

  4. Elaine Tam24/4/09 1:45 PM

    cause person can only register for on hor, borrow her name to participate, if both win, i also can get prize money...geng chao leh!! hahahahah!
    So, ask the photo of her mum and her lor.....hhehehhehe~

  5. I LOVE YOUR 2ND baby~~
    he is cutee~~
    errr.. is a HE OR SHE ar?
    any way.. really pretty...

  6. Elaine Tam24/4/09 3:16 PM

    =__=" she pakai skirt one leh..sure a baby girl la...hahahha~
    Got potential huh...can full-time sell card to people, to make money, if Spansion fire me!! hahah~ you will be my 1st customer also right.?!! right?!! right?!! hahahah~

  7. <p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;"><span style="font-size: small; font-family: Times New Roman;">Ofcoz I will, u don’t know I am always your #1 customer meh… </span>

  8. Elaine Tam24/4/09 3:52 PM

    Oh oh oh...i know i know..hahahah~~ Ok, let's see if i can come out with my 3rd baby, then i sell to you.hahahahah~~Eh, by the way, what u plan to buy for your mother for this mother's day? any idea?

  9. Those 'star' looks familiar....hmm...
    Buat harta ka?

  10. Elaine Tam24/4/09 4:18 PM

    Hahahhahaha~ that u also can notice...good eye! re-cycle ma....since nobody use it......See, i support Earth Day for recycling! hahahahah!

  11. hmmm.. what i plan ar... my mum is very far away from me..
    i think sent a card post back loh..
    hehehe.. want business ar... u help me do one la.. =.="
    i buy from u.. =.="

  12. elaine tam sook ling24/4/09 10:14 PM

    sure or not?u ah...~~~ u doesn't not plan to go back hometown is it? promise, see whether i still got enough material to do or not..ok? :)