Wednesday, April 15, 2009

:: Tongue Ulcer leads to CANCER?? ::

I can't talk much or eat well this few days because of this stupid dam dam white/red things on my tongue <----- Ulcer! I don't even realize when i accidentally bite my tongue which cause it to grow healthy on my comfortable tongue into!!! Hmmmmm, also good la, so i can diet indirectly. *hahahahha* But, sooner i try to google about ULCER , and found out that tongue ulcer can become cancer! huh? wtf!!! CANCER? sure or not? The i continue read, and YES! it can =____=" Tongue Ulcers
Tongue Ulcers, also known as aphthous ulcer, is distinguished by white colored ulcers on the tongue. It is usually painless but when the same white patches grows and turns into blood red color then the ulcers may bleed also causing damage to your tongue. May lead to cancer …

Introduction to Tongue Ulcers
Tongue Ulcers, also known as aphthous ulcer, are distinguished by white colored lesions on the tongue. They are usually painless. These ulcers are not of very serious kind but, when the same patch grows and turns into blood red color the ulcers might bleed causing damage to your tongue.
You can feel a burning sensation and might spot red, swollen spots on the tongue.

Signs and symptoms
There are some common signs and symptoms that you may feel before you get tongue ulcer:-
a. Burning sensation on the tongue.
b. You may even see small buds like structure on your tongue just before few days of getting tongue ulcers.
c. You can feel the soreness in the tongue while talking, eating, etc.
d. You may possibly see small cuts and experience irritation while eating or brushing.
e. You may feel that your food is too hot when it’s actually not.

Causes of Tongue Ulcers
Some of the regular causes of tongue ulcers can be put forth as:-
1) Improper way of brushing and cleaning of mouth that may lead to mouth ulcers and gradually to tongue ulcers.
2) Not having your food at regular intervals and on time is one of the important cause.
3) Eating too much of spicy food can also lead to tongue ulcers.
4) Drinking excess of tea or coffee in such a manner that the heat will cause damage to your tongue.
5) Drinking alcohol and smoking.
6) If you have stomach ulcers then, it may also lead to tongue ulcers and mouth ulcers.
7) Using toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain corrosive substances such as alcohol

Some of the treatment that you can try at home for reducing the pain and curing it quickly can be:-
a. Applying glycerin on the affected part.
b. Applying butter on the lesion of tongue.
c. Applying honey mixed with pipal tree leaves and its roots.
d. Drinking small amount of coconut oil and tender coconut water which will also help you for your stomach ulcers.
e. Cleaning your mouth with a mixture of salt and hot water.
f. Applying milk of the banyan tree.
g .Eating papaya fruits
h. Taking B-complex tablets and vitamin tablets.

Then proceed to look for ULCER photos, and i found this here <-- MUST SEE!

Damn it...So "wat tat", so "geli", so "wui sor", so !#$%^&*()#$%^.....I almost vomitted my morning bread (breakfast) after scrolling from top to bottom. Geezzzz~~~~

I plan to show some here, to share the geliness with you all! Hmmm, guess which one is mine? Will reveal the answer at the end of this blog.

Answer : NONE OF THEM. As mine is just a minor ulcer! *fuhh~~~~ Relieve*

Need to drink more water,
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  1. =.="
    this is the most disgusting post ever..

    if not mistaken la... the "serious ulcer" is call "tonsil"..
    my clerk just remove the tonsil from her throat only...

  2. and
    CIS CIS CIS~~~~
    i finally recover from the "cicak incident" already, now your picture pull me back to shivering, goose bumps again..
    Cis.. =.="
    this comment took 2 shivering from me...

  3. HAHAHHAhAH~ seriously, i see also almost vomit when i see those pictures...Yerrrrrrrrrrrrr~~ So geli~~

    I very good one, always share GOOD things and BAD things with my dearest friends! hahahahah~ good leh~~~ 8-)

  4. =.="
    u know how i see this post ka?
    click on the title, wait a while, then zooooom down with super speed, then reply the comment..

  5. elaine tam sook ling16/4/09 8:06 AM


    really that scary meh? But it is really "wat tat"...i also agree with that..Even si leong who is BESAR, PANJANG, also asked me to remove the photos, cause felt so geli looking at it. :-P

    Eh, will my ulcer grows into like that one? I very scared leh.~~~ now it's like a small white the corner of my tongue.. >:o